We can control our destiny.

The only light to the Future is that of the past

Our primitive instincts threaten human survival. We’ll expose and tame these forces, only when we understand them.

is HUMANITY on the clock?

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Human beings are the most remarkable and rare species in the galaxy. We deserve to survive. Our current models not only threaten survival – they FORBID it. Blame has no place here. There is only Empathy. 

How did we get here?
How do we get out?

Take a moment to watch our video.

The time for Noēsis is NOW.

The possible demise of the human species is suddenly visible. Noēsis is here to ASSURE human survival. We’re a rescue mission for a frightened and lost species.

Regressive choices – the inability to evolve – have now summoned the specter of human extinction.  To be clear, the current human inertia is not SURVIVABLE.

How did Humanity Get Here?

Human beings bear no BLAME for their crisis.  Rather, we’re victims of evolutionary compulsions, too many to list, and too strong to overcome.  These residual, evolutionary impulses show their brutality in the modern day by creating and perpetuating human conflict.

It gets worse.  These relic forces can’t view themselves.  They don’t bargain, and they don’t think.  They are all cousins of the evolutionary wrecking ball called “Fight or Flight.”  With no threats WORTHY of brutality in the modern day, these mindless forces have re-channeled themselves.  They search for, and create conflict.

No one alerted the baser areas of our brains that ancient threats no longer exist.  Our untamed compulsions now reveal a vast field of wreckage. Our frightened and helpless species is now mindful of its own mortality.  We’ve arrived at this awful place together – all of us – lost in the same woods.

Noēsis was registered and approved as a 501c3 non-profit organization on June 6, 2019. EIN: 84-2178499

The Case for Noēsis

In this video, Founder, Anthony Wall, makes the case for Noēsis and introduces the upcoming Noēsis Video Series.

Meet the Founder

Anthony Wall

Tony graduated from the William Penn Charter School, in Philadelphia.  He then continued his education at Lake Forest College, in Chicago, Il.  A Liberal Arts education ignited Tony’s interest in Existential philosophy.  That demanded that Tony view the world through a starkly realistic lens. 

Tony started his professional career in the security systems’ business, over the course of 20 years, eventually becoming the top producer with ADT National Accounts.  In 2000, Tony earned his licenses as a Registered Investment Advisor with PNC Investments, and later, with the Royal Bank of Canada. 

Tony’s passion today is centered on the growth of Noēsis, to create a world-wide network of education; to understand the evolutionary causes of  the human condition, to inspire new thought, and to enable human survival.

Tony raised his family in Eagleville, Pa.  He cites his two children, Matthew and Jack, as his greatest achievement.  

The More You Know, The Better.

In the below videos, Tony places a finer point on several topics. Tony is currently booking speaking engagements, and is in production with his video series.

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