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Noēsis is a Non-Profit Organization, Dedicated to Helping the Human Species Achieve Sustainability.

A helpless and exhausted Humanity has suddenly arrived to a place that feels far less promising than we were taught to expect. 

The human species, all eight billion of us together, senses a gathering storm.  Noēsis was formed to help the human race achieve sustainability, by exposing the evolutionary motivators that combine to influence all modern behavior.  Ancient messages, the residue of 2 million years of evolution, haunt the human mind.

The only way to get ourselves under control is to determine how we lost control.  We have a key that was never available–the evolutionary data that will allow self-discovery for the entire human species. 

We Are Educators. 

Our mission is to identify and describe the machine-like action of evolutionary relics inside all of us, against which we are largely powerless in the modern day.  To bring them into view will open a window to human sustainability.

Video Series

Our growing video series will familiarize viewers with the central themes here at Noēsis. Viewers can sample a logical, deductive and analytical approach to The Human Condition. Our mathematics-based approach to the human evolutionary timeline now allows our species to view itself differently — a road to human recovery never before explored.

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Join Noēsis and get involved.  We are available and approachable.  We seek a global presence, to unite human beings under the now-forming banner of self-preservation.

Contact us directly, or donate to help us continue our mission. 

Book Tony

The Founder of Noēsis, Anthony Wall, is very pleased to appear in any medium, to explain why Noēsis must exist now – and forever – so long as human beings walk this planet.  Tony is available to speak at private, public or corporate events, or to appear on futuristic or science-based podcasts.