About the Founder

about the founder

Anthony A. Wall, Jr.

Tony graduated from the William Penn Charter School, in Philadelphia.  He continued his education at Lake Forest College, in Chicago, Il.  

The Liberal Arts ignited Tony’s interest in philosophy.  The fusion of existential thought and evolutionary science is highly deductive at its core. It demands that the entire human species views its reality through a starkly realistic lens.

Tony started his professional career in relationship-based sales.  He matured into the top producer in the National Accounts division at ADT.  In 2000, Tony earned multiple licenses in wealth management with PNC Investments, and later, with the Royal Bank of Canada. 

All the while, Tony remained drawn to macro human behavior.  Precise patterns at the heart of human failure suggested a mathematical phenomenon.  Tony looks past the variable situations found in human history books, to identify the constant that sustains them.

Tony launched Noēsis in 2019, with the intent to unite all humans on Earth in an effort to arrest human degradation.  Those who doubt the mission don’t know that the Wright Brothers flew only 75 days after human flight was deemed impossible.   A helpless humankind, locked in ceaseless, mindless and unnatural conflict has no visible path to sustainability.

Tony raised his family in Eagleville, Pa.  He views his two sons, Matthew and John, as being his greatest achievement.