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Evolutionary Baggage

In this video, we quantify the totality of evolutionary influence upon modern day behavior.  We can easily understand the general idea that all modern day behaviors have evolutionary triggers.  We now need to consider the IMMENSITY of that influence.  We tell ourselves that we’re each born as a “blank slate”.   An inconvenient fact must intrude on that interpretation.  Humans are in fact saddled with 200,000 prior generations of ancient ancestors that came before us.  It’s our ownership and not our denial that will allow sustainability.  Only a being that understands itself in great detail can plot its next point of arrival, and then create a vehicle of education that would best ensure our arrival to sustainability.

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The sum of what humans are forced to normalize in the modern day has taken on a cartoon-like quality. The mortality of a now-helpless humanity is clearly visible. We had no choice but to normalize human degradation.

Normalization is the arrival point of helplessness. The next stop is just up ahead. It’s called, “Surrender”.

At Noēsis, we’ve seen quite enough, and so have you. Let’s understand normalization. Better yet, let’s defeat it.

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Negative Information

The particularly vicious nature of human interaction in the modern day is beyond troubling.

There’s good news. Humans are in fact acting naturally. The accelerated brand of mindless conflict is merely a reinvention of the ancient search for negative information.

Here’s how it works:

–Evolving humans lived in a harsher reality. Our ancestors searched for negative information to survive

— The bearer of bad news (i.e. negative information) had more value in plotting survival strategies.

How does it apply today? For the answer, simply look around.

–“Gossip” is negative information gone rogue. “Nit-picking” is negative information gone rogue. See it differently now.

Are these the behaviors of a sustainable species? No. Let’s understand “negative information”, and only then retire it.

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The Anatomy of a Lie

Why do we lie? Let’s discuss the growing human propensity to lie. Let’s not judge it. Let’s look for traceable patterns.

“All Lies Await Discovery.” Once we lie, it goes south from there. We need to manage our lies. It’s exhausting. In no time, innocent parties are often sucked into these distortion we create. Many don’t intend that. This growing complexity guarantees the discovery of the lie. It’s like adding weight on top of a cheap card table, and being surprised when it collapses.

WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? I think I might be able to help here.

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The Hierarchy of Human Value

This illustration greatly simplifies a central idea of Noēsis.

1. Meritocracy would go on to form mathematically doomed dynamics
2. Among these were the creation of “Greater” and “Lesser” beings.
3. A “Lesser” being can neither recognize nor tolerate what is “Greater”.
4. The churn of “Resentment, Vengeance and Insurgency” was born.
5. This churn disassembles and destroys meritocracy-based systems
6. There are no exceptions.

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The Human Injury

This illustration greatly simplifies a central idea of Noēsis.

1. As evolving human beings completed their migratory journey around the globe – around 10-15,000 years ago – they began to settle into larger groups. This was enabled by an agricultural awakening.
2. The migratory journey was made possible by highly collaborative behaviors. These natural migratory behaviors are baked into human biology. These longings would be tested by random events.
3. Larger populations gave rise to elements of societal CONTROL. Behaviors of “Acquisition” would create the first “Meritocracy” among humans. “Meritocracy” and “Collaboration” would prove to be difficult bedfellows. A hierarchy would form, and the trouble soon began.

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misaligned force

Misaligned Force

Evolutionary residue is at the center of all human conflict. 7 million years of human evolution must logically impose itself upon human actions in the modern day. Protective forces of our evolutionary past are not THINKING mechanisms. Far from retreating, they’ve reinvented. They default to MISALIGNED REACTIONS to non-existent dangers. These misunderstood forces initiate and perpetuate conflict. From this insidious dynamic now arises a notable and deadly paradox. Forces meant by Nature to protect humans contribute now to species’ mortality.

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is noesis affiliated with the quakers

Is Noēsis Affiliated with the Quakers?

Almost 500 years ago, the Quakers had already reached progressive conclusions about human origin. All students, whether black or white, were offered free education at the William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia, by 1690 AD. Noēsis openly admires those conclusions, but Noēsis is not affiliated with the Quakers.

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restoring the magic

Restoring The Magic

Due to historical and fully traceable events, “Humanity has lost its Magic”. What does it mean? The term refers to anything that can no longer do what it was MEANT to do. For instance, if a car sustains a flat tire, it can no longer function. It can be labelled useless. The car has therefore lost its magic, pending restorative actions. The analogy, far from simplistic, is precise. Humanity lost its MAGIC when collaborative human longings were replaced by the self-interest of acquisitive behavior. The remedy will not arise through changing acquisitive behavior, but rather, in redirecting and realigning our decisions within the same models, the result of which would circumvent oblivion, and arrive at sustainability.

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origin of capitalism

Our Views On Capitalism, and the Origin of Capitalism

Tony places to rest any idea that Noēsis has liberal leanings, let alone Socialist ones. Tony cites Capitalism as being the ONLY choice for sentient beings. Tony also explains how Capitalism was first introduced to the human experience. The crossover spawned “The Human Injury”. “Collaboration” was discouraged; “Acquisition” took its place. The two concepts are clinically competitive in the human mind. Human degradation ensued, by mathematical certainty.

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