Board Members

Anthony Wall

Tony created Noēsis in early 2019, when he filmed a video that would become, “Who Is Noesis?”  Tony sees constant mathematical patterns at the heart of human failure. The human mind fights ancient battles, against long-dead enemies.  These distortions produce heavily misaligned human responses in the modern day.  “Conflict Into Perpetuity” is the only arrival place for these invisible dynamics.  Tony envisions the day when humankind admits its helplessness against these invisible forces.  On that same day, a gravely injured human species will glimpse a sustainable future for the first time.

Jack Maley

Jack is a natural fit for Noēsis.  He brings world-class creative expertise, honed over 20 years as Creative Director at Saatchi and Time Warner in New York, and later, with his own creative firm, m3, where he remains today. In Jack, Noēsis found creative stability for a project of notable complexity.  Jack deftly transforms abstract concepts into easily understood – and thereby scalable – ideology.  His talents gave us the final piece that we were missing.  Jack came to Noēsis in a serendipitous fashion, to our great fortune.

Laura De Vries

When Noēsis achieves its short-term goal, to partner with Humanity under the now-forming banner of species’ self preservation, it will occur because of Laura’s sweeping influence.  She enabled Noēsis to become an actionable conduit for human sustainability.  Countless human minds are able to conceive of the core premises at Noēsis, but precious few are lucky enough to build the vehicle they envision.  Laura is the Executive Producer, a constant beacon of character and strength.  Laura spent 30 years as an Account Manager with Quest Diagnostics, serving the Manhattan territory.  

Kathy McGee Burns

Kathy McGee Burns deserves her own page, because this space won’t do justice to a woman whose resume is 7 pages long.  Kathy is the mother of nine children, who found herself at Temple University School of Law at age 50.  Kathy has since been the first woman to occupy innumerable positions of  leadership that were once reserved only for men.  Her inclusion on our Board of Directors makes eminent sense, because a surviving Humanity will leave behind its patriarchal defaults.  When that happens, much of it will be traceable back to Kathy.

Anthony Gaber

There are several instantly recognizable influences here at Noēsis.  Most of them are creative in nature, and all of them were brought to visual life by Anthony Gaber.  Anthony was the Founder of the creative firm, Mind Fire, which evolved into what is today Icon Media Works.  Everything you see at Noēsis, starting with our chosen logo, and continuing today with video production and website design, has Anthony’s unique visual signature on it.  As an original team member, his inclusion on the Board of Directors was  natural, and one for which we’re most fortunate.