Book Tony

The founder of Noēsis, Anthony Wall, is pleased to appear in any mainstream medium, to explain why Noēsis must exist now – and forever – so long as human beings continue to walk this planet. 

Tony is available to speak at private, public or corporate events, or to appear on futuristic or science-based podcasts.

Tony brings nobility and passion to any event.  An audience that expects Tony to describe doomsday scenarios will be pleasantly surprised.  Humankind is blameless for its current existential crisis.  If we would not scold a lost or frightened child, then don’t expect blame or judgment to accompany Tony to any event. 

Mankind lost its way through a traceable process, one that can be described in great detail.  Only another process can release us from the “freefall” that all of Humanity now senses.

How did we get here?  How do get out?  The answer is KNOWABLE.   If your group seeks a compelling, hopeful and passionate presence, request Tony. 

Tony might very well sprinkle in some comedy, as well.  A beleagured human species could use it.

For more information about booking Tony, or information about availability, please call our main office at 484-674-7401 or simply fill out the form below. A member of our team will respond to you as soon as possible.

“The only light to the FUTURE, is that of the PAST.”