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Hi, my name is Anthony Wall.  I’m the Founder of Noesis.  If we have the privilege to meet, call me Tony.

NOESIS is a Greek word.  It denotes “Understanding and Intelligence”.  Will you find intelligence here.  We like to think so, but, that will be up you.  I’m here to make the case for Noesis, and I’m here to announce our upcoming video series. 

Let me say something here that no one will expect.  “I wish I weren’t the Founder of Noesis”.  You’re asking yourself, “What does that even mean”?  It means that I see a need to spend the rest of my life trying to bring influence upon a notably deteriorating human species.  Why?  Because Humanity is experiencing an Existential Crisis.  That’s a fair statement. 

Let’s hover over that term for a second–“existential crisis”.  If it makes you uncomfortable, that makes you very…normal.  Who among us wishes to think about our Earth one day – perhaps sooner than we think – no longer having human beings living on it, because of the choices that we made? 

I’m going to ask you all to look at it another way.

Noesis isn’t here to sensationalize the idea of human extinction.  We’re here…to HELP.  We’re here not to enable our survival.  More than that.  We’re here to ASSURE it.  If we wish to assure it, let’s first have the courage to imagine that we didn’t avoid it.   Let’s look at what could bring Humanity to the most awful of places, for the specific purpose of AVOIDING it. 

Back to, “Existential Crisis.”  Let’s abandon the big words. 

A human existential crisis means that human mortality – the end of our species – is visible to us.  In creating Noesis in early 2019, I set out to ask an entire globe to allow me to make it very uncomfortable.  In return, I made a promise.   I repeat it now.  I promise that you’ll view Noesis not as the bearer of bad news.  Far from it.  We’ve got enough bad news.

Noesis is the first group of its kind to dedicate itself solely to not merely enabling, but to ASSURING the survival of the human species.

Noesis concerns itself with things that, if left unchecked, present as “Deal-Killers” for the human race.  Let me run them down.  Let’s call them the Big 3. 

  1. Is Noesis concerned with Climate Change?  You bet we are.  But that’s now why Noesis exists.
  2. Is Noesis concerned with Pandemic?  With what’s gong on, we better be, and we are.  But again, Noesis already existed before this Pandemic—it’s not why Noesis need to exist.
  3. Is Noesis concerned with humans one day needing to live through a nuclear event?  Again, yes!  How could the possibility of mutually-assured destruction NOT make the list of things that Noesis is concerned with?

So this is the reward I promised?  You’re asking yourself, with rewards like this, who needs punishment?  I repeat–stay right here.  The road to any reward is paved with discomfort.

NONE of these three things is considered by Noesis to be the eventual deal-killer for an increasingly helpless, and suddenly paralyzed human family?  With that as a lead-in, let’s get right down to business here:

After we’re done here, Like our page.  Or, don’t.  Use what you learn here as a lead-in to our video series.  We’ll be talking about the future of the human race.  That future, the one that we so vigorously plan for, the one that’s the subject of our movies and television shows, is also a future that’s not remotely REACHABLE for human beings, under present conditions.

You didn’t see that coming.  Sorry about that! 

You’re now feeling uncomfortable, just as I asked you.  In return, what comes NEXT better be good.  I believe that it is.

NOESIS is here to create a bridge to the future, the bridge that doesn’t exist.  As you’ll see, it never did, for reasons you never thought about.  Noesis EXISTS to expose the true obstacles that now FORBID a future for the human species.  But we won’t stop at describing them.  EVERYBODY describes them.  NOESIS is here to defeat the obstacles that we’ll describe.

I see you’re still here.  Good.  You’ll want to hear this:

There have been close to 100 major human cultures that once existed on Planet Earth.  When I say major, I refer to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Roman, Mesopotamian, Ottoman—every single one of these cultures had one thing in common at their core.  This one true deal-killer would end all of them, with no exceptions. 

All or most of these cultures experienced Pandemic.  It crippled them, but it didn’t kill them.  Climate change was no concern.  And none had nuclear concerns.  In fact, NONE of today’s “Big Three” were present on the tombstones of these long lost cultures.

That distinction belonged to the King of Human Deal Killers.  I’m guessing that almost no one has thought about it.   You see it right behind me right now.  Perpetual Conflict.  Conflict Into Infinity.  Again, you didn’t see that coming.

Perpetual Conflict has ended every single human culture on Earth.  The first recorded human event was – you guessed it – a war.  But here’s something else: Even those human cultures that were discovered long after they were gone, also yielded PERPEPTUAL CONFLICT.  How do we know?  It wasn’t hard.  The artifacts these cultures left behind featured all of the tools of conflict.  Specifically—weaponry.  Where weaponry is, Conflict is easily inferred.

Now you know why I formed NOESIS.

Noesis will ask the world a simple question, and we’ll then get busy answering it. 

IF HUMAN BEINGS ALL COME FROM THE VERY SAME PLACE – you’ll learn that we do – AND BECAUSE HUMAN BEINGS ARE NOT NATURAL ENEMIES – you’ll learn that we aren’t – WHAT DRIVES THIS RINSE AND REPEAT HUMAN BEHAVIOR.  It’s not what we think—not even close.  WHY DO WE EVENTUALLY SUCCUMB TO THIS ONE COMMON CONCERN.  No human culture ever succumbed to climate change.  No culture ever had its existence ENDED by Pandemic.  No culture ever met its demise by a nuclear event.  And despite this, we call these the Big 3. 

The common denominator has always been PERPETUAL CONFLICT.  I’ll go further. CONFLICT ALWAYS COMES FROM WITHOUT, AND FROM WITHIN.  Whoever wasn’t conquering us, might instead have been one of our own, plotting our destruction, and then causing it.

Fast Forward to the present moment—right now.  What do we see all around us?  What’s the central component of all our social and economic models?  If your answer isn’t Perpetual Conflict, you’re not alone.  Humanity seems to be strangely unaware of this madness.

Will today’s culture also fail, like all others before it, by the churn of conflict?  Well, “It already has.  THIS THING we do is on Empty.”   I made a reasonable statement at the beginning.  The mortality of our species is visible.  That sounds to me like FAILURE. 

We raise our children to love and respect the world and those in it.  We then send them into a meat-grinder of conflict.  What could go wrong, has gone wrong.  The failure of this model pours out of history books, and we start it all over.  NOESIS welcomes all humans to learn why we CAN’T evolve, and by that process, ACTUALLY MOVE TOWARD IT. 

I alo said that NOESIS isn’t here to describe concerns.  We’re not here to Blame or to Judge them.  Who accepts blame?   We’re here to EXPLAIN it, to teach it, and to only them MOVE PAST IT.

We’ve all heard this: “We’ll figure it out.  The human race, once its on the ropes, will EVOLVE.” 

No.  Absent a process, we won’t figure it out.  That’s what all others before us failed to do.  They didn’t understand themselves THEN, and we don’t understand ourselves NOW.

This all sounds pretty dramatic.  Who am I, and who is NOESIS, to make these claims?  We better be able to support it, or again, NOESIS will cease to exist.  Let’s take a hard look:

–Since the dawn of life on Planet Earth, 97% of the life forms that once existed here, are now extinct.  If you’re keeping score at home, that comes in at 5 Billion species.  Extinction on Earth is as common as breathing.  In fact, during the time that it takes me to state the following, one species just went extinct.  About 15 a day.  The idea that it can’t happen is preposterous, and completely UNNECESSARY. 

In 2020 AD, we’ve identified 2 million separate species here on Earth.  Good work by s, right?  Not really.  There are thought to be at least 10,000,000 species alive right now.  We’ve yet to MEET 4 0f every 5 species on our planet.  We don’t know how we got here, and we don’t know how we’re leaving.  We don’t UNDERSTAND ourselves

We’ll figure it out?  NO—we won’t.  We don’t even know where to start.  But that’s OK.   NOESIS does, and you’ll find that out. 

What supports the idea that we’re unsustainable.  “What DOESN’T support it? 

How did we MISS this well known killer?  Here’s a hint.  What failed system ADMITS its failure?  Humanity will never ADMIT its failure.  We infer it, by merely looking around.  Don’t look now, but we humans DEPEND upon conflict.  What provably vanquished every culture prior to our own – Conflict into Infinity – is at the center of everything we do.  It’s not only perpetual—it’s now vaguely engineered.

What could go wrong? 

Noesia seeks a global consensus—and a reasonable one.  We’re innocent.  We were born into choices that are traceable.  Those choices have human species arguably circling a drain. 

Conflict is not NATURAL to us.  What is not NATURAL, is also not SUSTAINABLE.  The demise of our remarkable and rare species, by our own hand, looks less like theory, and more like mathematical certainty.  Not if NOESIS can help it.


But remember—there’s a reward.  NOESIS is here to explain not what’s wrong with Humanity.  There’s NOTHING wrong with us.  More correctly, something precisely describable happened to the human species.  Which message are you more able to listen to?  That something is wrong with us.  That’s incorrect.  More correctly, something traceable HAPPENED to us.  Let’s trace it—we already have.

Listen, I’ve consistently begged for someone to defeat my concerns with a competitive argument.  I’d like it very much if I were wrong.  But my in-box is empty—so we’re on to something here.

THE HUMAN HEART—is injured.  Let me go further.  The human heart—is BROKEN.

It’s easy for all of us to relate to a broken heart.  What does the broken heart do?  Does it admit its pain?  Or does it retreat, and go into hiding.  Does it cry, like it should?  Or does it choose false bravado, as a strategy to PROTECT itself.  We can be cruel, vengeful, diminishing, destructive.  We’re not any of those things.  NOESIS thinks, and can show, that the human heart is broken.  Let’s UNBREAK it, by revisiting the INJURY.  We have an evolutionary timeline, and a rich one. 

We can now know HOW and WHEN the human heart was injured, and eventually, broken.  Would that be worth something to us?

When our time comes to choose, we won’t blindly FIGURE it out.  By tracing the evolutionary baggage that drives our behaviors, we can free ourselves from them, and LEARN our way out of this, by learning how we got here. 

The subject matter at Noesis is as diverse as it is unending.  Here are a few hints.

Look behind me.  What you’re viewing is the now-known human timeline here on Earth.  The details of this timeline are so rich with scientific data, it can be compared to a large field of crops, waiting to be harvested.  At Noesis, It’s already here to share.  But we need to focus.  We need your help.  We’ll prove that we deserve it.  (Jump ahead).

* At the left is the beginning of the human timeline.  Let’s assign this timeline a finite period, in this case, 2,000,000 years.  The points along the timeline are many, but I’ve included only a few.  Homo Erectus appeared on Earth around 2,000,000 years ago. 

* Only 300,000 years ago, Homo Sapiens – US – appeared.  The reasons for the breakoff are not wholly understood, but we can all agree that HERE We ARE—in the present moment.  We would require 270,000 years to spread ourselves around the globe, in a nomadic and collaborative effort.  We were WANDERERS. 

* But then something happened to us, about 10,000 years ago.  By then, we had largely completed our wandering.  We were settling down.  We were gathering into larger groups.

* At the same time, we were experiencing an AGRICULTURAL AWAKENING.  The tools we used to grow our crops became evermore advanced.  That meant that our fields of crops became bigger. 

* That growth experienced an exponential leap, around 10,000 years ago, when we stopped using our hands to grow crops, and we slowly turned to BEASTS OF BURDEN, who were kept well-managed by pack animals such as dogs.  The large animals, and the dogs that herded them

Our nomadic and collaborative longings, the ones that had 2,000,000 years to sear themselves into out Biology met head-on with a lifestyle that didn’t merely inconvenience Humanity.  What’s eating at us isn’t about something that we did wrong!  As you’ll see, it’s something that HAPPENED to us.

About this Video:

In the modern day, climate changepandemic, nuclear and disruptive technologies occupy the forefront of human anxiety.

Something is missing, perhaps the only thing that matters.

NONE of the above four concerns has ever undermined or destroyed any past human cultures. That distinction belongs to the “King of Human Deal-Killers”: Perpetual Conflict

How did this serial-killer of human interaction, the one that has disassembled and destroyed all past human cultures on Earth, not make the list of human concerns?

Here’s a hint.  What failed systems ADMIT their failure?



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