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Hi, this is Tony Wall. I’m the Founder of Noēsis.

I know what you’re thinking. Big Deal! Who is Noēsis, and who is this guy, Tony?

Well, this group and I are here to ask human beings to either preserve themselves, or not. Now, with this subject matter – let me guess – you’d rather not engage, right? We hear that a lot! But you also notice my annoying habit of making sense. If that’s true, we hope you’ll keep watching. Pain avoidance makes us normal, but CLARITY is now our best friend.

Many think that the main theme here (at Noēsis) is to avoid human extinction. It most certainly is not. We do so many other things. I’m happy to surprise you.

What do I mean?

Well, let’s say that Humanity is no longer on Planet Earth in several hundred years, because of the decisions we’ve made as a species. Well, that reality would mean and that Noēsis failed. But we’re not here to fail–we’re here to succeed. We’re not here to describe the end of Mankind, because you can go to the movies for that. We’re here to avoid the existential concerns that humans face.

Extinction means that the lights are out forever. Never mind extinction! Let’s talk about a much bigger concern – the one you see right next to me – commitment to extinction. You never thought about that, but then again, who does? We exist to think about it! Noēsis will work these concerns because, as far as we can tell, nobody else will.

Our concerns as a species are suddenly all over us like a nest of hornets, and because of that, Noēsis is NOW. The clarity you seek will engage you, not frighten you. Modern Mankind is wildly off course. We all sense it, and what’s more, our young people and our children sense it. Why run away? There’s no remedy in escape. Clarity is remedy!

So, if you agree, then listen to this. Don’t just hear it. Listen to it. Let it in:

Panet Earth has hosted life for three billion years we know so much about the geology of Earth, but we know so little about ourselves. And that won’t do anymore! That’s where Noēsis comes in. We’ve looked away long enough. Here are three (3) basic things about life on Earth you need to know:

  1. We’ve cataloged about two million species, but there are twelve million species thought to exist, so we we’ve yet to meet five (5) of every six (6) species alive today. You didn’t know that, but Noēsis does.

  2. Since life dawned on Earth, five billion (five billion) species have already gone extinct. You didn’t know that either, but who does? Noēsis does! We know our business. You’ll find that out.

  3. When I snap my fingers, one (1) species just went extinct (Snap!) There it is. Earth loses 150 species a day to extinction.

These may be remote facts to you, but not to us. It’s what we do!


Out of those five billion extinctions. what is the one (1) common thing we know about all of them. It’s this: they all committed to their demise long before they were gone.

There’s no return from commitment folks. We’re not going to cheat this data. We’re not that good!

Here’s the easiest example of Commitment. The dinosaurs. Everybody picks on the dinosaurs–we know. But, after a 300-million-year run, Dino was minding his own business one day, when a 40-mile-wide asteroid slammed into Earth. Everyone knows that! But here’s what most don’t know. That impact event did not kill the dinosaurs. The resulting food chain disturbance did the trick, and it would take decades. So, extinction and commitment are two different things, aren’t they?

Noēsis is happy to wait for whatever Nature has planned for (human beings), but what we won’t do is stand by, and allow humankind to commit ITSELF to what need not be!

So–don’t avert your eyes. Let’s work it! Here’s the clarity we don’t want and that we need. If the current human inertia remains undisturbed, and if that commits us to our demise, we may not know it for two hundred years. There’s not going to be any sirens going off! No emails will be sent. We can tell ourselves any lie we want, the idea that we’ll figure it out. No–we won’t. Humans will not cheat this universe! Commitment means that we’ve clocked out. Leaving the building is just a formality, and a certainty.


If Clarity is our friend, why don’t we welcome in our friend??  You can look away, but Noēsis never will. We don’t do surrender! Noēsis isn’t about extinction! Noēsis exists to avoid the true concern–to redirect humanity away from the tragedy of Commitment.

Thank you!

About this Video:

“Extinction is the norm.  Survival is the exception.”

Carl Sagan

The above quote explains that human beings enjoy no special place on Planet Earth.  Humans are unique.  Humans are not special.  

Noēsis has no interest in human extinction.  Rather, it’s the specter of commitment to extinction that commands our full attention.  Consider:

  1. 99.9% of all species ever to have existed on Earth are now extinct.
  2. Earth loses 150 species a day to extinction. 
  3. All past extinctions share one common thing. 
  4. Each committed to their demise long before the last of their kind fell.
  5. Commitment events are knowable only in retrospect.
Modern humanity is assumed to be in danger of commitment, while further accelerating toward it.