Compelling Conversations

Noēsis Compelling Conversations is a live webinar, featuring the founder of Noēsis, Tony Wall. Tony discusses the benevolent and remedial spirit of our mission.  An informal and conversational style clarifies diverse subject matters.  Noēsis must exist, now and forever.  Look for the following:

  • A description of, “The Human Injury,” accompanied by an illustration of its major components.
  • “Evolutionary Baggage” defines the immensity of ancient compulsions that heavily influence modern behavior.
  • “The Human Condition” is a mathematically assured arrival point, not a situational one.
  • A largely helpless and paralyzed humanity is swept along by an INERTIA, not by choices.
  • Situational analysis – the kind found in history books – has no value in strategies for human sustainability.
  • Every action we take – no exceptions – has an evolutionary trigger.  We must know them!
  • Humans in conflict is unnatural.  What is unnatural cannot persist.  Period.
  • Human Extinction is “De-mystified.”  Noēsis is here to PREVENT it, not describe it.
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Preserving Humanity


The human species, all eight billion of us together, senses a gathering storm. It’s no secret. Humanity is struggling. The only way to get ourselves under control is to determine how we lost control. We have a key that was never available–the evolutionary data that will allow self-discovery for the entire human species. Humanity is at a tipping point and Noēsis is here to help.

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Human Sustainability Through the Conduit of Empathy


The above sentiment is elegant in its simplicity. It notices that a struggling humanity has arrived together – as one species – to its current crisis. The action/reaction churn of conflict has us swimming upstream from who we are–peaceful and collaborative beings. We were meant to move as one, or never arrive at all. False bravado fails us now. Clarity equals Hope.

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Hope & Remedy


A helpless and exhausted Humanity has suddenly arrived to a place that feels far less promising than we were taught to expect. Our next Compelling Conversation will take a deep dive into “Hope & Remedy” and how a species in perpetual conflict can arrive at a better place.