Noēsis Video Series

Cruelty and Violence

About this Video:

“The cruel and violent human being is the most TRAGIC of figures.”

Make no mistake–cruelty cannot be tolerated.  But gratuitous cruelty, cruelty for cruelty’s sake, is not natural to humans.  Noēsis will demonstrate that cruelty is symptomatic of, “The Human Injury”.  

Cruelty and violence are relatively new to the human experience on Earth.  Both the NATURE and ORIGIN of cruelty are easily understood.  Noēsis knows where to look. 

A fully traceable crossover event in the human evolutionary timeline – when Collaboration yielded to Acquisition – spawned unnatural behavior in human beings, relative to collaborative DNA.  Once-equal human beings were diminished in value for the first time, by models of unchecked meritocracy.  

Cruelty traumatizes and shocks us, but it should never surprise us.  Human beings trend toward infinite cruelty in the absence of consequences.  This reveals a direct mathematical link between  perceived consequences and cruelty.  Human cruelty is therefore not a choice.  It’s more correctly a symptom.



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