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Evolutionary Baggage

All humans on Earth share the same evolutionary blueprint of 100,000 generations in their DNA.

Evolutionary defenses activate instantly.  They crowd out the thinking mind.  Logically, modern humans are misinterpreting modern threats.  Misaligned responses are guaranteed.  These relics of human evolution once kept our ancient ancestors alive.  They are now the architects of ceaseless conflict.   

The above illustration explains the mechanism.  Unnatural hierararchies are in direct conflict with 2,000,000 years of migratory collaboration.  All stationary empires broke down immediately and catastrophic, with eerie precision.  A socio-mathematical constant – The Human injury – is easily inferred.

Perpetual conflict is the lone arrival point.  

Conclusion:  Perpetual Conflict = Imminent Failure.  Commitment to Extinction.

Misinterpreted threats are not survivable.  The odds of arbitrary resolution = zero.  Time is the only variable.



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