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As a father to two teenaged boys, I decided long ago to teach the lessons of the world to them from two different and distinct perspectives.  As an example, whenever I show them anything, I ask them two things:

  1. What do you see?
  2. What is its origin?

The first question is universally simple.  All 8 billion human beings alive right now can easily describe what they see.  But the second question here, what is it’s origin, is extremely difficult.  That’s why I pose it.  All viewers either do that already, or you will one day.   I want my two sons to go beyond describing what they see, to being able to explain the origin of all things.

Never mind the social disasters we see in front of us.  What are the invisible evolutionary components that causevthem? And why?  Everyone SEES the same thing, but almost no one UNDERSTANDS what they’re seeing.  And that’s fine, except when it now poses a clear danger to the very survival of a paralyzed, frightened and blameless humanity.


I speak now for all human beings alive on Planet Earth.  Our species has reached an existential curve in the road.  At this juncture in human evolution, right now, all 8 billion of us have arrived together to a place that feels and looks far less promising as we were taught to believe.  You don’t need me or Noesis to tell you that.  We’re not here to tell you what you know so well.

You need us to tell you this.

Humans learn more about our universe in one month than we learned in the last century.  We’ve learned everything we can get our hands on, from the geology of the Earth we live on, to the discovery of almost 10000 exo-planets that orbit distant stars.  We’ll be able to be deduce life on distant planets anytime now, perhaps a decade or two.  The wonder of our existence on Earth will likely occur to us, just in time for our species to clock out.   Why?  We know everything about everything, but we know essentially NOTHING about ourselves.

Our unwillingness to even get a glimpse of who we are has only Oblivion as a destination.    Because Noesis says so??   No?  We don’t understand what is now knowable, the many evolutionary components that combine to make us whole.  That reality places our species adrift.

Noesis isn’t here to speculate on the end of Humanity.  We’re here to warn of the mathematical certainty of what need not be.  If so, I also justified the very reason why Noesis MUST EXIST. The current human trajectory, while accelerating, is also derailing.  You know it.

Noesis doesn’t exist to call it as we see it.  Everyone does that.  We’re here to forestall what need not be, and the information is there.

About this Video:

In this video, the totality of evolutionary influence upon modern day behavior is explored. 

All modern-day human behavior has an evolutionary trigger.  Our physical bodies must exist in the present moment, or we would not survive.  That is not so for the human mind.  The evolutionary residue of 100,000 prior generations brings with it ancient impulses and compulsions that were forged in a long-gone reality.  The immensity of past influence directly threatens human sustainability, as these ancient compulsions misinterpret modern realities.   

The notion that humans are born as a “blank slate” is wildly incorrrect.  Modern humans are saddled with 100,000 prior generations of ancient ancestors that came before us. 

It’s the full ownership of this inarguable truth, rather than its, that will promote human sustainability.  Only a being that understands itself in great detail can plot its next point of arrival.