Welcome to the Noēsis FAQ. Our subject matters are diverse. Here you will find encapsulated answers to the most frequently asked questions.

The human race is capable of greatness, but we no longer recognize ourselves.  Lets unwind it.  Start right here. 

Noēsis is a 501(c)(3) non-profit humanitarian organization, based in King of Prussia, Pa., USA, dedicated to human sustainability. The degradation of modern human affairs must be arrested.  As humanity flirts with its very mortality, it may commit itself to a reality from which it cannot return. 

Noēsis was formed in 2018 by Anthony Wall.  It was awarded its 501c3 status in 2019.  It received IRS Final Determination Status in early 2020.

Noēsis is fact-based.  We contend that no sustainable future is available to modern humanity under current conditions, without process-driven methodology.  The human evolutionary timeline is now viewable in detail.  Humans can identify the ancient triggers for all modern behavior. 

The only light to the FUTURE is that of the PAST.  Noēsis will unite all humans on Earth under the banner of species’ self-preservation.  

Noēsis encourages and welcomes all religious affiliations, but we are not affiliated with a religious group.  The original video that anchors Noēsis refers to progressive Quaker humanitarian ideology as an influence, but Noēsis is not a Quaker affiliate.  

Noēsis recognizes the shared humanity of all human beings on Earth.  Humans are like and equal beings.  Further, all humans share a common place of origin–the African Congo Basin. 

The ONENESS of all humans means that political affiliation and human sustainability are not related. 

Political leaders, regardless of their countries or their ideologies, neither worsen nor improve human sustainability probability.

Paradoxically, political leaders are the very architects of perpetual conflict.  The phenomenon – conflict int perpetuity – is not survivable.

Noēsis has a sweeping mission that requires global presence.

–We will seek consensus among all humans on Earth, that humankind is a species in crisis.

–We will unite all humans under the banner of species’ self-preservation, by proving the oneness of all humanity, by creating educational initiatives that expose the evolutionary triggers for all modern behavior. 

–Once humans identify the ancient motivators of perpetual conflict, economic models of conflict must resolve in an orderly and painless anner, over great periods of time.

–Humans will deduce the uselessness of outdated compulsions only after identifying them. 

The mission of Noēsis is global.  All humans on Earth have arrived together in crisis.  We must now find sustainability, as like and equal beings.

Modern humans define themselves as a blank slate upon birth.  That conclusion is untrue.   All humans carry the evolutionary totality of 100,000 prior generations before them.  Ancient compulsions and impulses are sown into human DNA.

The immensity of evolutionary influence must be understood in detail.  If not, humans will doom themselves to the conflict caused by these distortions.  

Ancient and unresolved relics of evolution are viewable everywhere.  Modern humans misinterpret threats, all day, every day.  These misinterpretations are evolutionary hallucinations.

–A misaligned response is the only arrival point of an evoltionary misinterpretation.  These ancient relics can now be understood.

Misaligned force, if not understood and properly aligned, will destroy a helpless humanity, should these mechanisms not be examined.

“The Galileo Effect” is the universal metaphor for the suppression or erasure of inconvenient truth.

“Bold thinking is extinguished first and congratulated later.”  The erasure of truth is a fatal blockade to human sustainability.

Galileo was imprisoned, beaten, tortured and starved for the “crime” of endorsing the heliocentric theory, the notion that the Earth was not the center of the universe.

Modern humans harbor an average of 15 secrets. Evolving humans had no secrets to keep.  Secretive behavior is not natural to humans.  What is unnatural is not sustainable.

When scientific truth is erased, the delusions that are preserved are invariably deadly.

Normalization – in its healthy form – describes the human ability to adapt to hardship. 

The weight of normalized human degradation is greater than the human capacity to bear it.  Normalization is the arrival point of human helplessness.  Humans now display textbook behaviors that descend from mounting existential fear. 


“Us v. Them” is a tribal standard.  The phenomenon has never been more pronounced.  

Fear seeks safety in numbers, as a survival tool.  An increasingly helpless humanity is mindful of its degradation.

Dissociative Behavior is an increasing reality.  Humans use pleasure-seeking and pain-avoidance to cope.

As normalization spills over, an escapist humanity is broken, not flawed.   

Noēsis looks upon modern humanity, in full retreat from its anxiety, with great empathy.


Normalization is devolving into Escapism

Escapism will devolve into Surrender

Surrender will devolve into Collapse

Human cultures have averaged 250 years of existence.  They each broke down in precise fashion.

The Fermi Paradox describes human cosmic rarity.  Humans assign no value to our cosmic rarity.

Italian Astrophysicist, Enrico Fermi calculated that only one ten million years are required for any intelligence to colonize the Milky Way galaxy.

Dr. Fermi wondered out loud, “Where is Everyone?”  The Fermi Paradox was born.

If extra-solar intelligence existed, humans should have by now met them.  Humans reached out to the heavens the moment we could.  Are aliens lazy?  Not likely.  

We call this, “The Great Silence.”

When no one answers our constant knocking at the door, we must consider that no one is home.  

There is only one theory that answers, The Fermi Paradox.

“The Great Filter.”

“The Filter” postulates that sentient intelligence tends to destroy itself, and further, no exceptions exist.  The Great Filter may be a universal constant.  Humans may therefore be alone in the galaxy.

Human beings are in contact with The Great Filter.  Should we fail, it would be the latest notch in the cosmic belt called, The Great Filter.

Noēsis challenges humanity to value its cosmic rarity, to become the only sentient species to make it through The Great Filter

The Human Injury describes a random crossover period in human evolutionary development, when highly collaborative and affiliative human beings finally reached all points of the globe, around 10-15000 years ago.

Humans settled into increasingly larger populations.  An agricultural awakening occurred.  Once-migratory beings became stationary beings.  The trouble began immediately.

–Stationary cultures fell into behaviors that are foreign to collaborative human DNA, when collaborative behavior yielded to acquisitive behavior.  This clinically unnatural behavior discouraged and largely replaced deep human longings for collaborative behavior.

A class-based system intruded.  Unnatural hierarchies formed.  Once-equal beings collapsed into conflict.

–The insult was and remains a biological one.  Modern humanity is acting in a clinically unnatural fashion, relative to their collaborative DNA.   We will not survive the phenomenon.

Humans have completed their migratory phase.  A return to natural hierarchies is not possible.  Unnatural hierarchies such as unchecked capitalism, should they diminish other human beings in any way, will self-destruct.

Capitalism is nevertheless the only choice for a sustainable humankind.  Capitalism is the logical arrival point for stationary cultures.  

Any class-based economic system must position itself to eliminate INEQUALITY, or it will die.  We infer that resentment must be eliminated from the human experience, over a great period of time, with no guarantees.  The odds of sustainability must be maximized.  The odds of sustainability by accident are zero.

The diminishment of like and equal beings in class-based economies, whether intended or not, is not survivable.

These “odds” will rise and fall, depending upon the “global resentment factor (x)” at any given time.  Perpetual conflict is 100% deadly.  Time (t) is the lone variable.  

The outside force to alter human INERTIA is not visible.  Collapse is assured–by mathematics, not by opinion.  An added complication is “monetization.”  The constant of failure – perpetual conflict – is fully monetized.  No alternative argument exists.  Past inertias are listed below, with their altering factors also listed:

–“Homo Erectus” (Upright Mankind) appeared 2mm years.  (Inertia 1).

–“Homo Sapien” replaced Homo Erectus (Inertia 2; Migratory/Collaborative).

–Collaboration Yielded to Acquisition (Inertia 3; Self-interest)

–Perpetual Conflict.  Unnatural Behavior. (Inertia 3; Constant Failure).

–40 Dead Empires/10,000 years.  (Wreckage Field).

Human Choices, Present-Day.  Only two choices:

1. Commitment to Extinction (Inertia 4; Irreversible)??

2. Evolutionary Influence Deduced; Human Injury Deduced; 100-years of Realignment (Inertia 4; Sustainable)??

Humankind must understand the evolutionary source and the destructive power of negative information, and its constant complications.

Evolving humans relied upon negative information to plot strategies of survival. The bearer of bad news had more value than the bearer of good news.

The compulsion is not a thinking mechanism.  It never noticed the absence of its ancient enemies.

The compulsion has reinvented in the modern day.  Its complications lead to unnatural, perpetual conflict.

Gossip, Nit-Picking, Invalidation.  These are the misinterpretations caused by negative information in the modern day.  The phenomenon is undetected, invisible and deadly.  Misaligned human responses are guaranteed.

This and other evolutionary phenomena, if not understood, invariably arrive at perpetual conflict.  A commitment event will logically follow.

Modern humanity often views itself as a greater being, compared to other living things.  A degrading humanity has rationalized its mounting dangers.  It sounds like this:

“We’ll figure it out.  Once the human species is on the ropes, we’ll evolve.  We’ll find a way”!

No, we won’t !  We will not cheat the data.

– 99.9% of life forms that once existed on Earth are now extinct, about 5,000,000,000 species.

– Earth loses about 150 species per day to extinction.

An insidious common denominator exists.  All extinct species committed to their demise long before the last of their kind fell. Commitment is the point past which we cannot recover.

A committed humanity would clock out that moment.  Leaving the building would be a painful formality. 

Noēsis asks humanity to consider the unquantifiable despair our children would endure, when and if we commit to a reality from which we cannot return.

Noēsis does not exist to describe it.  We exist to prevent it.

Noēsis exists to identify and describe the main conduits to human failure, to avoid a Commitment event.

Two broad conduits are at the center.  These are “Blame/Blame Rejection”, and “Non-Concession”.

Non-concession is the human inability to concede an indefensible position.  Non-concession and Stubborn behavior share the same evolutionary trigger.  Evolutionary hallucinations rule over modern humanity.   Non-concession is the arrival point of a misinterpreted modern threat.  

These evolutionary relics can and must be understood, or humankind will perish.  Modern humanity, fully chained to its evolutionary past, has no future without purposeful intervention.

Until then, evolutionary hallucinaions are – and will remain – at the center of conflict, and by extension, collapse.

Conflict into perpetuity is a constant failure–as constant as gravity.  seek to establish a global consensus; that is, an agreement between all countries on Earth, that human beings are in fact a species in existential crisis. No remedial process can begin, let alone persist, without an agreement that our species is failing.

Immediate agreement – that humans are ONE LIKE SPECIES – will be achieved quickly between all or most US-allied countries, but others will not immediately respond, or might instead respond with skepticism. 

Noēsis understands this! Gaining consensus will therefore require a decade or more.  The mission of Noēsis must unfold over several decades of time.

Seeking global consensus – that humanity is in crisis – will run concurrently with educational initiatives that describe evolutionary influence upon modern behavior.

Stationary human cultures, if unchecked, are pre-ordained to fail.  An evolutionary crossover event described by Noēsis – The Human Injury – ignited human conflict.  It destroyed all human cultures, with no exceptions.

History books describe variable situations.  Situational analysis has no utility.  The dawn of stationary acquisitive cultures created unnatural hierarchies.  Resentment ensued.  The human compass cracked.

This random crossover event – herein dubbed, “The Human Injury” – created social constants that can now be understood.

Unnatural hierarchy, if unchecked, will disintegrate in precise fashion.  The process unfolds as follows:

  1. Resentment forms within “lesser” beings, by reflex.
  2. Resentful beings plot Vengeance.
  3. Vengeful beings default to Insurgency.
  4. Compensatory actions are deployed.  They will escalate to brute force.  (The system is now dead on its feet).
  5. Compensatory response backfires; societal collapse is imminent.
  6. Humans arise from these described ashes and repeat steps 1 through 5.  Precision of any kind is socio-mathematical.

Migratory and collaborative humans began to settle down into larger populations about 10,000 years ago. The natural human longings for collaborative behavior were slowly discouraged, replaced by self-interest.  A financial meritocracy formed.

Migratory humans had no secret and told no lies.  Financial meritocracy (unnatural hierarchy) is unrecognizable to human DNA.  To compensate (i.e. to create false merit), we began to lie.  Inconveniently, all lies await discovery.  Unnatural behavior fails.

What makes humans lie?  In two words, the need to create “false merit” feeds the phenomenon.

–Humans are judged every day against a standard of perfection.

–Perfection is unattainable–we come up short.  Our shortcoming subconsciously ignites a survival issue. We search for ways to camoflauge our shortcomings.  The lie fills the space between the standard of perfection, and what we’re capable of giving.

Modern humanity lies and keeps secrets.  This unnattural behavior is doomed to perpetual conflict.  It is not sustainable.

The human race, all eight billion humans alive on Earth today, has terms that apply to all of us. The destiny of the human species is no longer within the control of any of its members, or any single group.  The reality can reasonably be called, “freefall.”  Freefall has two possibilities available to it:

  1. A parachute, whether real or metaphorical, may allow freefall to resolve.  A parachute deployed too late is no parachute at all.
  2. Where no parachute exists, a sudden stop at the bottom is assured..

Human beings have no metaphorical parachute to break our fall.  The very same inertia that was present in all failed human cultures has no altering force yet again. The evolutionary mechanisms to which we remain fully captive are not understood.  A sentient modern humanity, emotionally exhausted, senses the “gathering storm” of our inaction.

In response, consider these bullet points:

  • Humanity has arrived at self-loathing. Beings not meant for battle are locked into ceaseless conflict.  We increasingly – and wrongly – view ourselves as a scourge.  That distortion must be arrested and reversed. 
  • A random crossover event in the human evolutionary timeline lit the fuse of constant human failure.  Understanding the point of insult – The Human Injury – is VITAL to achieving human sustainability.   
  • The deepest human longings were crowded out by the unnatural dynamics of acquisitive self-interest.  The insult was and remains fully biological.  Situational analysis (i.e. history books) has no utility in matters of sustainability. 
  • Stationary, acquisitive empires were pre-ordained to fail.  They could not know it.  Common origin was yet to be deduced. 
  • The point of ignition for all human conflict – resentment- is now isolated.
  • Humanity can abandon self-loathing.  Humanity can view itself with empathy. 
  • Humans monetized models of conflict.  This complication will delay, and perhaps preclude, any chance of recovery.
  • These models will collapse into escapism, surrender, and eventually, commitment to extinction, if unaltered.
  • Arbitrary resolution is impossible.  The human trajectory is an inertia, not a choice. 
  • An apocalyptic event, if survived, would not arrive at sustainability.  Another event would follow, should evolutionary influence not be examined.

We are problem-solvers.  There must be immovable assumptions.  They must be scaleable to all humans on Earth.  Surrender to these assumptions is vital.

  1. Human beings evolved on Planet Earth.  Human beings share a place of origin–the African Congo Basin.
  2. Human evolution dates back five to seven million years.  
  3. Items #1 and #2 halp us to calculate the number of past human generations.
  4. 5 million years/40 years per generation = 125,000 generations.  
  5. Modern humans are overwhelmed and outgunned by ancient evolutionary relics.  They neither think nor bargain.
  6. Fully captive to these ancient and invisible forces, humans in conflict will not arbitrarily redirect.
  7. The ancient prison inside all modern humans must be defined, or we will not escape it.  
  8. Standardized education will explain the evolutionary triggers for all modern behavior.  No lesser process will have impact.
  9. The study of historical human failure has no value in sustainability.   Situational analysis cannot alter biological inertia. 
  10. Human degradation is a constant, fed by evolutionary paranoia, misaligned force and unnatural hierarchy.
  11. Modern humanity cannot bear the weight of evolutionary influence.  Precise failure, followed by re-start, is evidence enough.
  12. Surrender to human helplesness is vital.  Modern humans dissociate from the dilemma.  That will invite a commitment event.

Humans will fail any attempt to find sustainability, under present circumstances!

–The control of climate, pandemic, nuclear concerns and disruptive technologies will assist, but will not REACH sustainability.

–Sentient intelligence is any physical being that ponders the nature of its existence.

–Modern humanity struggles to navigate mounting excesses.  Existential concerns are mounting, not shrinking.

–Extra-solar intelligence, as they evolved, would logically navigate the same existential hazards. 

–“Fight-or-flight” is assumed to be a universal constant for all corporeal creatures, whether sentient or not. 

–The activation of ancient defensive compulsions crowds out the thinking mind of any sentient creature.

–In a deadly paradox, the defensive gifts that enable survival will one day prevent survival for all sentient creatures.  

–The ancient enemies humans fought are neutralized or non-existent..  Ancient mechanisms have limited utility.

–Evolutionary interpretations will lock humans forever into conflict, with no chance of resolution, in lieu of examination.

The above conclusions are at the heart of “The Great Filter.”  Sentient intelligence is constantly defeated by its evolutionary defaults.  In a cruel paradox, defensive gifts, in the absence of their enemies, morph into mechanisms of self-destruction. 

Without available data to understand the immensity of evolutionary forces, they destroy us right in front of our eyes. 

The WILL TO CHANGE will fail!  Willpower is no match for hidden immensity.  Their intentions are pure; their results are deadly. They cannot release their prisoners.

Nature selects what is unnatural for its demise.  The human dilemma, if not quantified, will be defeated straightaway..

Noēsis exists to steer an increasingly helpless humankind away from the specter of commitment to extinction–the mathematical point past which a return is not possible.  The point of commitment is deduced only in retrospect.  

Partnering with academia in problem-solving will collaps into its own brand of conflict.   A degrading humanity needs answers.

Noēsis is fact-based.  We will concede to material fact.  We will alter our conclusions, if a successful argument defeats them.  We will not battle with academia on the existential assumptions we’ve listed.

We will partner with any effort at human sustainability.  We will not bicker with academic institutions over stifling details.  Academic institutions in competition intrude upon, rather than enable sustainability efforts.

“Same Play.  Different Actors.”  The precision of human failure suggests a hidden constant.

Human history books are useless.  Situational analysis cannot alter evolutionary biology.  Biological mechanisms reset.

50,000 generations of collaborative longings were discouraged and replaced by 200 generations of self-interest.   

The DNA blueprint for self-interest was and remains missing.  Evolutionary chemistry was short-circuited 

Acquisitive behavior features unnatural hierarchies.  The starting gun of acquisitive behavior kills the horse.

There is no complexity in socio-mathematical breakdown.  Complexity is a diversion.  

Tracing evolutionary influence upon modern human behavior has species-saving value.

In unnatural hierarchies, the dominoes fall in precise order.  No outliers exist. Time is the only variable: 

  1. Resentment yields to Vengeance, which plots Insurgency.  Breakdown is immediate.

Resentment intruded on the human experience when equal beings diminished one another.

Humanity will think its way to a sustainable future, with data it now has, or it will never arrive.

Noēsis holds the following observations to be inarguably true.

–A staggering array of evolutionary compulsions burn brightly inside all modern humans.  

–These mechanisms of defense activate many times faster than the thinking brain.  

–Misinterpreted threats invariably descend from these distortions; they are at the heart of all conflict.  

–The Point of Injury to the colllective human psyche is precisely knowable.  Collaborative and affiliative human behavior yielded to acquisitive meritocracy, when stationary cultures formed.  

–Humans are neither violent nor cruel.  Both of these descend from psychic injury, fed by unnatural behavior.

–The human compass cracked.  Resentment intruded upon the human experience.

The Human Condition is deteriorating.  Should modern humans not arrest degradation, inaction will destroy us.

–Human extinction by its own hands remains as certain as it is unnecessary.  What will occur, need not occur.

–Macro human behavior is not a choice.  It’s an inertia, until fully understood. 

–Modern behavior descends almost exclusively from misinterpreted threats.

–When humans surrender to and define their evolutionary prison, only then will we glimpse sustainability.

–Humans have fully monetized perpetual conflict.  Conflict into perpetuity feeds our families.  

–No person, group or event is responsible for human degradation.  Human sustainability requires that we forgive ourselves.

The Human Injury is at the heart of human dysfunction.  Modern humans are broken, injured and frightened.

–Noēsis will seek consensus, that we have arrived to existential crisis as LIKE and EQUAL beings.  

–The future of Mankind is not knowable.  Mankind’s past is fully knowable.  Modern humanity must know itself, or destroy itself by its delusions.  

Self-discovery is possible for the first time.  The evolutionary motivators for all behavior are knowable.

–Modern humanity is slipping into escapist behavior.   Escapism signals helplessness.  We will access evolutionary data, or perish under its weight. 

–“The light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long.”   Modern humans are accelerating into degradation. 

–Advances in Cosmology show the human species to be among the most rare and unique species in the galaxy.  

–The cosmic rarity of the human species must be understood in any quest to attain human sustainability.

–Humans cannot unite politically, religiously or culturally.  Noēsis will not pursue the impossible.   

–All humans on Earth will (must) unite under the banner of species’ self-preservation.  

–The process will and must unfold over decades.

–Human history analyze situational variables.   They must also describe evolutionary influence, or they have no use.

–Human beings share the same place of origin–the African Congo Basin. Humans are genetically linked to essentially 100%. 

–Prior to 200 years ago, human cultures had no knowledge that they evolved on this Earth.  

–There is no BLAME.  There is no JUDGMENT.  There is only UNDERSTANDING. 

–A sustainable human species will throw down its sword, or destroy itself.  Period!

–There can be no interruption of currently failed economic models.  The mission of Noēsis must unfold over decades, perhaps a century.  10,000 years of assured failure will require centuries to unwind.