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“Fermi Paradox” and “The Great Filter”

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About this Video:

The Human Family must understand its cosmic rarity.  We will only then value and preserve our species.

Italian Astrophysicist, Enrico Fermi determined that any past intelligent species in the Milky Way would require only one billion years to colonize our thirteen-billion-year-old galaxy.  These mathematics demand that we should have met ET by now.  What does “The Great Silence” tell us about human existence?

Mr. Fermi asked, “Where is Everybody??”.  When he did, “The Fermi Paradox” was born.

Since then, the greatest human minds have weighed in, but the paradox remains.  Indeed, there is only explanation that has yet to be reasoned away.

“The Great Filter” postulates that developing intelligence in the universe tends to destroy itself during technological childhood.

Noēsis reminds an increasingly reckless humanity that our species is now in direct contact with “The Great Filter”.

This video introduces the concept of  “Cosmic Rarity.”



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