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The Galileo Effect – Part 2

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The Galileo Effect – Part 1

The Galileo Effect – Part 2

The Galileo Effect – Part 3

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The Galileo Effect isn’t new.  It’s well-established.  It’s modern Mankind’s go-to metaphor for the suppression of Truth.  Good news, bad news.

The Truth we so desperately need will never be available to us again.  If my words sound accusatory or judgmental, that’s a grave misunderstanding.  I’ve only put a voice to that which you already know so well.  If you’ve got a great idea, watch out who you tell.  Galileo thought his buddies would congratulate him.  Imagine his surprise when he was handcuffed and imprisoned.  Look alongside of me.  Here is the path that truth tends to take before it finds an audience:

–Truth is EXTINGUISHED first.  Don’t take my word for it.   Ask Galileo?

–Later, Truth is cautiously acknowledged, but not yet confirmed!

–Finally, one day, Truth is CONFIRMED.  Why?  Truth is PESKY.  It won’t go away.

–Truth is finally, one day, CONGRATULATED.  Would we congratulate Galileo if he came back today?  He would be a world treasure.

For Galileo, Truth didn’t win him any prizes.  It won him a life of exquisite pain.

Does this formula look like one that adds up to human sustainability?  When inconvenient Truth first goes through this gauntlet of erasure, and emerges only when we’re comfortable enough, call me, and tell me exactly how Humanity will wake up one day in the future that we completely assume we will.  Or, better yet, why waste time?  Let’s agree now—shall we?  This model is going to hell on a rail.  Personally, I’ve seen enough.

Suppressed Truth is a function of POPULATION CONTROL.   Yeah—I’m a reasonable man.  The suppression of truth it has its place.  The ERASURE of Truth is a ticket to hell.  Sorry.

If you have great ideas, ones that can make it safe for Humanity to view itself realistically, and to survive itself, Noesis won’t wait to congratulate you.  Truth is Truth.  Your truth, if you can demonstrate it, might be extinguished elsewhere, but never here.

Oh, and, one other thing.  We’re out of time.  Noesis is NOW.  We rely upon only what we can show to be true.  That’s a good start.

Don’t dash just yet.  Part III is dedicated to, “What Now?”  You’ll want to see this.

About this Video:

The Galileo Effect – Part 2

3 Part Series

Galileo was not congratulated for his Truth. He was more correctly erased by forces of CONTROL. Galileo has since taken his place as, “The Father of Modern Science”. We modern human beings can now view ourselves safely, if we have the courage to look. We can reintegrate with our baser compulsions. With that in place, we will forgive ourselves for our weaknesses. We will then cherish our cosmic rarity. And finally, we will actively preserve ourselves. The human tendency to reject and destroy what it doesn’t understand is explored in this 3 part series.



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