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“The Human Condition” Redefined

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About this Video:

A highly-detailed human evolutionary timeline was not available to mankind, even 50 years ago. This timeline has since become rich in detail. Humanity can now apply it to defining itself. Noēsis will take the lead.

The human species, for the first time, will have the pleasure of meeting itself for the first time, and then finally knowing who we truly are.  If Humanity does not open this window of self-discovery, we will spiral into Oblivion by our inaction. 

This process of species’ self-discovery will allow humans to reintegrate with our baser compulsions.  We were ordered to banish them, but they’re not going anywhere! 

When we welcome them back, only by reintegrating with them will we forgive ourselves.  Humanity has never made choices. Invisible and powerful compulsions inside of us continue to rule the schoolyard.

When we like ourselves as a species, we will cherish our rarity.  What values itself will preserve itself.



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