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About this Video:

The human evolutionary timeline was not well understood until recently.  Evolutionary influence on modern human behavior is not seen as pivotal to human sustainability. 

The human timeline has since become rich in detail. Humanity can now apply this information in defining itself.  Noēsis will take the lead.

With new cosmological data, human appearance on Earth is now thought to have beaten odds of 300 Billion to One.  The complexity of molecules required to form a sentient being is not even considered.    

Noesis views human sustainability probability to be close to zero, until humans understand themselves in great detail.  When humans understand their cosmic rarity, we will only then preserve ourselves.  

What understands itself may preserve itself.  What does not understand itself has no chance.  None.

Noēsis is a 501(c)(3) non-profit humanitarian organization, based in King of Prussia, Pa., USA, dedicated to human sustainability. The degradation of modern human affairs must be arrested.  As humanity flirts with its very mortality, it may commit itself to a reality from which it cannot return. 

Noēsis was formed in 2018 by Anthony Wall.  It was awarded its 501c3 status in 2019.  It received IRS Final Determination Status in early 2020.

Noēsis is fact-based.  We contend that no sustainable future is available to modern humanity under current conditions, without process-driven methodology.  The human evolutionary timeline is now viewable in detail.  Humans can identify the ancient triggers for all modern behavior. 

The only light to the FUTURE is that of the PAST.  Noēsis will unite all humans on Earth under the banner of species’ self-preservation.  

Noēsis encourages and welcomes all religious affiliations, but we are not affiliated with a religious group.  The original video that anchors Noēsis refers to progressive Quaker humanitarian ideology as an influence, but Noēsis is not a Quaker affiliate.  

Noēsis recognizes only the shared humanity of all human beings on Earth.  Human beings are like and equal beings.  Further, all humans share a common place of origin–the African Congo Basin. 

The now-provable ONENESS of all humans explains that political affiliation and human sustainability are not in any way related. 

Political leaders, regardless of their countries or their ideologies, neither worsen nor improve human sustainability probability.

Further, political divisions are vital to sustaining models of perpetual conflict.  The action/reaction models of conflict that define social and economic models are in large part created by political divisions. 

Paradoxically, therefore, political leaders are unwitting architects of perpetual conflict.  The phenomenon – conflict int perpetuity – is not survivable.

Noēsis has a sweeping mission that requires global presence.  Consider:

–We will seek a consensus among all humans on Earth, that humankind is a species in crisis.

–We will unite all humans under the banner of species’ self-preservation, by promoting the inarguable oneness of all humanity, by creating educational initiatives that identify the evolutionary triggers for all modern behavior. 

–Only by understanding the immensity of evolutionary influence can we identify the ancient motivators of perpetual conflict.

–Humans can deduce the uselessness of outdated compulsions only when we identify and view them. 

The mission of Noēsis is necessarily global.  All humans on Earth have arrived together in crisis.  We must now find sustainability, as like and equal beings.

Modern humans define themselves as a blank slate upon birth.  In fact, all humans carry the weight of 120,000 prior generations before them.  Ancient compulsions and impulses are sown into human DNA.

The immensity of evolutionary influence must be understood in detail, or humans will doom themselves to the perpetual conflict caused by these distortions.  

Ancient and unresolved relics of evolution are viewable everywhere we look.  Modern humans misinterpret threats, all day, every day.  These misinterpretations are evolutionary hallucinations.

–A misaligned response is the logical arrival point of a misinterpreted threat.  These ancient relics can now be understood.

Misaligned force, if not understood and properly aligned, is a stone killer, should these mechanisms not be examined.

“The Galileo Effect” is the universal metaphor for the human tendency to suppress or erase inconvenient truth.

That tendency, to repel what is not understood, explains why bold thinking tends to be extinguished first and congratulated later. 

Don’t take our word for it!  Ask Galileo.  He was imprisoned, beaten, tortured and starved for the “crime” of endorsing Copernicus’s earlier heliocentric theory, the notion that the Earth was not the center of the universe.

Modern humans harbor an average of 15 secrets. Evolving humans had no secrets to keep.  Secretive or truth-repulsion behavior is not natural to humans.  What is unnatural is also unsustainable.

When demonstrable truth must first survive a gauntlet of erasure, innumerable delusions that are preserved by this reality are invariably deadly.

Normalization – in its healthy form – describes the human ability to adapt to hardship. 

But what happens when behaviors of human adaptability are asked to carry a load greater than it can bear?  When the weight of normalized degradation is greater than the human capacity to bear it, we can expect precisely what we see. 

The totality of normalization is now bursting at the seams.  We might use it as an indicator of mounting helplessness.  Instead, we run from it. That choice will arrive at paralysis.  

As evidence of waning human control, humans display textbook behaviors that descend from fear. 

“Us v. Them” is a tribal standard.  The phenomenon has never been more pronounced.  Non-specific anxiety seeks safety in numbers, as a survival tool.  A frightened and helpless humanity is mindful of its degradation.

The next stopover for runaway normalization is forming now:

  • Dissociative Behavior; Escapism.

As the tank of normalization spills over, an escapist humanity is broken, not flawed.   

Noēsis looks upon modern humanity, in full retreat from its anxiety, with great empathy.


The dominoes of social collapse are once again falling in precise order:





**Surrender is no longer arrestable.

***Human cultures average 250 years of existence.

The Fermi Paradox describes human cosmic rarity.  Humans claim to greatly value rarity, but we assign no value at all to our own rarity.

Italian Astrophysicist, Enrico Fermi calculated that only one billion years are required for any sentient intelligence to traverse and colonize the entire Milky Way galaxy.

Dr. Fermi wondered out loud, “Where is Everyone?”  The Fermi Paradox was born that moment.

Fermi’s math demands that, if extra-solar intelligence exists, humans should have by now met them.  Humans reached out to the heavens the moment we could.  Are aliens lazy?  Not likely.  

We’ve met no one. We call this, “The Great Silence.”

No one answers our constant knocking at the door.  We must consider that no one is home.  When will humans deduce their exquisite cosmic rarity?

Mr. Fermi’s paradox drew response from the greatest cosmological minds in the world.  Alas, most of their interpretations were reasoned away as being highly improbable, and even impossible.

There is one theory that has survived all attempts to debunk it.  

“The Great Filter.”

“The Filter” postulates that sentient intelligence on the same order of humans or higher, tends to destroy itself during its technological awakening, and further, no exceptions exist.

The data suggest that humans may be alone, or at least exceedingly rare.

Human beings are now in contact with The Great Filter.  Should our species fail at this point, humans will not have failed.  We would be the latest notch in the cosmic belt called, The Great Filter.

Noēsis challenges humanity to value its cosmic rarity, to become the only sentient species to make it through The Great Filter

The Human Injury describes a random and now fully visible crossover period in human evolutionary development, when highly collaborative and affiliative human beings finally reached all points of the globe, around 10-15000 years ago.

With no points of migration, humans settled into increasingly larger populations.  An agricultural awakening then ensued, aided by the domestication of beasts of burden, and pack animals such as dogs, to manage these animals. 

Migratory beings became stationary beings.  The trouble began immediately!

–Stationary cultures fell into behaviors that are foreign to collaborative human DNA.  Stationary cultures crossed over from collaborative behavior to acquisitive behavior.  This clinically unnatural behavior discouraged, crowded out and replaced deep human longings for collaborative behavior.

A class-based system of unchecked financial meritocracy intruded upon the human experience. Acquisitive self-interest saw the diminishment of once-equal beings. 

–The insult to collaborative human DNA was not a situational failure. The insult was and remains a biological one.  Modern humanity is acting in a clinically unnatural fashion relative to their collaborative DNA.   We will not survive unnatural behavior


Capitalism is the only choice for humankind.  it was also the logical default for stationary cultures. Only Capitalism can render humans truly free.

Financial meritocracy in its current iteration, however, is invariably deadly.  Humans will not survive models that devalue like and equal beings.

The deepest of human longings are sown indelibly into human DNA.  The biology of our collaborative defaults cannot be compromised in any way, if the survival of human interaction is the goal.

A sustainable capitalist will eliminate lesser beings, as a matter of its survival.  

Humans have never survived the diminishment of like and equal beings, whether intended or not.

“Inertia” is the title of one of the featured videos on the Noēsis website.  It positions the machine-like failure of human interaction not as a human flaw, but as the logical inertia ignited by a traceable event.    

Consider an asteroid as it hurdles through space, in a straight line.  The asteroid cannot alter its path.  Only an outside force will alter it.  The analogy describes the precision with which human interaction falters, decays and collapses.

Modern humanity blames, rather than alters its now-visible inertia. Humans have monetized conflict.  By extension, our executioner is also our employer.

No logical flow exists to such a decision.  That means it’s NOT a decision.  Humankind is swept along by an inertia whose causes and components are now as viewable as they are deadly.

–“Homo Erectus” (Upright Mankind) walked the Earth for 1.75mm years.

–“Homo Sapien” altered Homo Erectus’ inertia.

–A third inertia intruded upon the human experience, when collaborative longings were crowded out by acquisitive behavior.

–That current inertia, one of frenzied acquisitive meritocracy, is invariably deadly. 

The evolutionary data we now have to fully understand these mechanisms is the altering force. We will access it, and glimpse sustainability.  Or we will not, and we will perish by our inaction.

A surviving humankind must understand the ongoing and ancient search for negative information, and its deadly effect. Consider:

–Evolving humans navigated a much harsher landscape than modern humans.

Evolving humans relied upon negative information to plot strategies of survival. The bearer of bad news had more value than the bearer of good news.

The human compulsion to seek negative information is not a thinking mechanism. It doesn’t know that its ancient enemies are dead.

The compulsion has reinvented in the modern day.  We must recognize it, or it may destroy us.

The brilliant disguises of “negative information” are all around us.

“Gossip” and “Nit-Picking” are examples of negative information in the modern day.  In baser areas of the human brain, we search for ancient dangers that no longer exist.  

The highly misaligned nature of negative information must be understood, or the phenomenon will continue to arrive at its only destination–perpetual conflict. 

Modern humanity often views itself as a greater being, compared to other living things.  A degrading humanity has rationalized its mounting dangers.  It sounds like this:

“We’ll figure it out.  Once the human species is on the ropes, we’ll evolve.  We’ll find a way”!

No, we won’t !  We will not cheat the data.

– 99.9% of life forms that once existed on Earth are now extinct, about 5,000,000,000 species.

– Earth loses about 150 species per day to extinction.

An insidious common denominator exists.  All extinct species committed to their demise long before the last of their kind fell. Commitment is the point past which we cannot recover.

A committed humanity would clock out that moment.  Leaving the building would be a painful formality. 

Noēsis asks humanity to consider the unquantifiable despair our children would endure, when and if we commit to a reality from which we cannot return.

Noēsis does not exist to describe it.  We exist to prevent it.

Noēsis exists to redirect humanity away from commitment to extinction. In order to do so, we must identify and describe the main conduits that lead to perpetual conflict among humans.

Noēsis has identified two broad conduits to perpetual conflict. These are “blame/blame rejection”, and “non-concession”.  Both of these phenomena have been fully monetized.  Humans economically depend upon the conflict that descends from both.  The serial killer of human interaction is also what pays our bills.

Non-concession describes the maddening human inability to concede a material fact, even in the face of an indefensible position.  Stubborn behavior springs from the subconscious belief that we are under attack, and more, that our very lives are in danger.  

These evolutionary relics will be understood and redirected, or humankind will perish by its inaction.

The “Mother of Paradox” is revealed.  There is no money in the “fix”, only in the “fissure”.  This ongoing phenomenon, where humans are enslaved by our evolutionary past, is not survivable IN ANY WAY.

The social and economic dynamics that provably destroyed all stationary human cultures of the last 10,000 years is once again at the center of all human interaction.

Noēsis contends that models of conflict into perpetuity are not remotely survivable.  As a central part of our mission, we would seek to establish a global consensus; that is, an agreement between all countries on Earth, that human beings are in fact a species in existential crisis. No remedial process can begin, let alone persist, without an agreement that our species is failing.

Immediate agreement – that humans are ONE LIKE SPECIES – will be achieved quickly between all or most US-allied countries, but others will not immediately respond, or might instead respond with skepticism. 

Noēsis understands this! Gaining consensus will therefore require a decade or more.  The mission of Noēsis must unfold over several decades of time.

Seeking consensus – that humanity is in crisis – will run concurrently with myriad other activities, such as the dissemination of educational initiatives that describe evolutionary influence upon modern behavior.

The assertion that past human cultures were mathematically pre-ordained to fail is neither bold, nor is it difficult to demonstrate.  Evolutionary events described by Noēsis went on destroy all human cultures, with no exceptions.

The machine-like patterns seen in all past human failures is therefore a socio-mathematical constant. Any constant, by its nature, requires an outside force to alter it.

These lost cultures averaged 250 years of existence, prior to collapse. Each was slowly disassembled by “increasing complexity, exacerbated by inequality”.

The new cultures that arise from these ashes quickly form the very same destructive dynamics, despite the most well-intentioned efforts

Our history books describe the situations that led to failure.  Situational analyses make for interesting reading, but they have no utility past that.  Humans have been acting out the same play, with different actors, for 10,000 years, since the dawn of stationary cultures. 

The evolutionary crossover event – The Human Injury – that created these social constants are now well-understood.

Any human hierarchy that does not form naturally is inarguably doomed. Diminished human beings in any stationary culture will collapse the system. There are no exceptions.  The constant unfolds as follows:

  1. Resentment forms within “lesser” beings.
  2. Resentful beings plot Vengeance.
  3. Vengeance manifests as Insurgency.
  4. Compensatory actions eventually arrive at brute force.  They in fact hasten what they intend to contain.
  5. Increasing complexity reaches critical mass; societal collapse is imminent.
  6. Humans arise from these described ashes and repeat steps 1 through 5.  Precision like this denotes a traceable constant.

Around 10-15,000 years ago, migrating and collaborative humans began to settle down into increasingly larger populations. Our natural longings for collaborative behavior were discouraged, and eventually replaced by the self-interest of acquisitive behavior.

The demands of Meritocracy-based systems are directly linked with the increasing human tendency to tell lies that never need to be told. Here’s the link:

  1. Humans are judged every day by their fellow humans, against a standard of perfection.
  2. Imperfect beings cannot attain perfection. We come up short. When we do, we fear social scrutiny.  Our shortcomings ignite a survival issue in the subconscious human brain. To compensate, we search for ways to camoflauge our shortcomings.

The lies we choose fill in the space between the standard of perfection, and what we’re capable of giving.

A sentient species that tells lies and keeps secrets is acting unnaturally, doomed to perpetual conflict, and not sustainable in any way whatsoever.

The human race, all eight billion humans alive on Earth today, has terms that apply to all of us. The destiny of our rapidly degrading species is no longer within our control. That reality evokes a sense of “freefall” for an increasingly helpless humanity. Freefall has two possibilities available to it:

  1. It can be offset by deploying a parachute, allowing freefall to resolve seamlessly.
  2. Freefall without a parachute awaits a sudden stop at the bottom.

Human beings have no metaphorical parachute to break our fall. We have no understanding of the evolutionary mechanisms to which we remain fully captive. The arrival point for freefall is the gathering storm now sensed by an emotionally exhausted humankind.

In response, consider these bullet points:

  • Humanity has arrived at self-loathing. As a sentient species we find ourselves locked into ceaseless battle.  We increasingly – and wrongly – view ourselves as a scourge.  That cognitive distortion must be arrested and reversed.  Like any ruinous inertia, it requires an outside force to alter it.  That force is the evolutionary data now available to us.
  • A glaring, fully viewable and utterly random crossover event in the human evolutionary timeline lit the fuse of constant human failure.  Understanding the point of insult to the developing human psyche is VITAL to achieving human sustainability.   
  • The deepest of human longings were discouraged and replaced by the rigors of acquisitive behavior.  The dynamics associated with self-interest are utterly foreign to collaborative human DNA.  This is a biological insult, not a situational one.
  • That single event, when collaborative longings yielded to self-interest, ignited clinically unnatural behavior among stationary humans.  Unnatural behavior cannot persist in nature.  Past human cultures never knew that they were pre-ordain to fail.  None of them possessed the data that may have redirected their eventual fate.
  • Noēsis holds these descriptions to be inarguable.  The point of ignition for all human failure can now be described in great detail.
  • With the event – The Human Injury – now isolateda blameless humanity can abandon the self-loathing it did not invite.  Humanity can view itself with empathy.  
  • We promptly and unwittingly monetized all of these models of conflict.  In literal terms, we monetized our very serial killer.
  • Modern humans now look out upon a degrading landscape, one that will devolve further into escapism, surrender, collapse and dystopia if left unaltered.  The fully derailed train of humanity cannot place itself back on the track.  

When problem-solving for human sustainability, there must be certain immovable assumptions.  These assumptions must be scalable to all humans on Earth. Resistance to these assumptions is accepted without reservation. 

Nevertheless, we conclude: 

  1. Human beings in fact evolved on Planet Earth.  Further, human beings share a place of origin for our species, the African Congo Basin.
  2. Human evolution includes relatives that date back seven million years.  
  3. Items #1 and #2 allow us to responsibly calculate the number of prior generations of humans that existed before modern humans.
  4. The number of prior human generations is 150,000.  
  5. with 150,000 prior human generations packed into each new human generation, it’s no stretch that modern humans are heavily outgunned by our own defensive biology.  These mechanisms activate immediately.  They do not recognize a kinder, gentler modern reality.   
  6. Saddled with this considerable weight, 150,000 generations of evolutionary baggage, modern humankind cannot find its future.  A sentient being chained to its evolutionary past must quantify its prison to escape it.  That will require decades of education. 
  7.  Modern humanity is endangered by biological concerns, not the situations that descend from them.  Modern humanity need not wonder why it continues to degrade.  The immense weight of evolutionary baggage is one that humans cannot bear. 
  8. Surrendering to it is counterintuitive.  It’s also vital.  We dissociate from our pain, and thereby surrender to it.

Humans will fail in their attempt to find sustainability, under present circumstances.  We ask readers to pay attention to the last part of the above sentence, “…under present circumstances.”


Should humans control climate change, pandemic, nuclear concerns and disruptive technologies, our chances of surviving to sustainability will increase by a factor of ZERO.

We conclude the above via the following deductive process:

–Sentient intelligence is defined as any physical being that ponders the nature of its existence.  Such a being is assigned very little chance to survive its eventual technological awakening.  These are the common-sense conclusions of Socio-Anthropological computer models.

–Modern humanity is in fact assigned little chance, perhaps 2-3%, of surviving the totality of its mounting excesses, as they form right in front of us.

–In cosmic terms, any intelligent being in the universe is assumed to have evolved on their home world.  Like humans, these beings would possess the defensive tools to survive the rigors of their migratory journey to all parts of their world.  

–Their tools, like ours, will enable them to either fight, or to run.  “Fight-or-flight” is a universal gift for corporeal creatures, whether sentient or not. 

–The hair-trigger activation of defensive compulsions must crowd out the thinking mind.  

–In a deadly paradox, therefore, the gifts that allow any sentient being to survive its evolutionary journey will one day hamper that journey, for a basic reason.  The ancient enemies that all migratory beings fight will one day be neutralized.  Defensive mechanisms possess no capacity to deduce their uselessness.

–The misinterpretations that follow will lock any sentient being forever into conflict, just as humans now are. 

The above conclusions are at the heart of “The Great Filter.”  It postulates – correctly, we think – that sentient intelligence is constantly defeated by the very “gifts” that once allowed it to thrive.

For beleaguered modern humans, without full knowledge of the immensity of these relic evolutionary forces, what was once our best friend transforms into our worst enemy, not invisibly, but right before our eyes.

For humans, the WILL to change will fail!  Willpower is based in thought.  The compulsions that our willpower will target cannot think.  They will defeat any attempt to quell them. Their protective intentions are pure; their results are deadly. These mechanisms cannot release their ancient prisoners.

The need to evolve to sustainability will one day present itself, as it now has for modern humans.  Without reintegrating with ancient compulsions, what we’ve sent to the basement lives on.

The human species is engaged in behavior wholly foreign to human DNA.  Nature selects what is unnatural for its demise, with surgical and frightening efficiency.

Noēsis exists to steer an increasingly helpless humankind away from the specter of commitment to extinction.  Commitment denotes the mathematical point past which no return is possible.  Further, the point of commitment can be deduced only in retrospect.  

Issues of human sustainability no longer enjoy the luxury of theory.  Partnering with academia would likely create a hopeless entanglement of disagreement, most of it based in minutiae.  A degrading humanity needs answers–NOW.

Noēsis is fact-based.  Far from ignoring considered debate, we welcome any material fact that would alter our conclusions.  We rely on what we can demonstrate to be true, or that which stands directly to reason.  

We will partner with any effort at human sustainability.  We will concede to material fact, and we will alter our stated ideology accordingly.  What we cannot do is to engage in bickering with academic institutions over minutiae.  Academic institutions are vehicles of teaching, not of coordinating worldwide influence.

Noēsis cannot submit our conclusions for academic scrutiny.  But we WILL participate in any meaningful debate where critical thinking demands and receives ours and others’ concession to material fact.

Noēsis is glad to clear up any misunderstanding.

In the last 10,000 years, all stationary cultures that formed took up acquisitive behavior. These were logical and random developments.

These radically new behaviors run fully counter to deep human longings for collaboration and affiliation.  Collaborative and self-interested models repel one another.

Acquisitive behavior created unnatural hierarchies.  A class-based meritocracy asked stationary humans to be either greater or lesser.  

No human culture ever survived a diminished human being, and no culture ever will survive it.

Human failure is a study in precision, no complexity.  Only a socio-mathematical constant yields precision.

Tracing evolutionary influence upon modern human behavior has infinite value, but analyzing the variable situations has no value whatsoever. 

Wherever a lesser being can be found, the dominoes fall in this order: 

  1. Resentment
  2. Vengeance
  3. Insurgency

Resentment is the lone arrival point for any diminished human being.

Humanity will think its way to a sustainable future, or we will never arrive.  We will not stumble into it.

Noēsis holds the following macro-humanist observations to be inarguably true.  We welcome all considered debate.  We will alter our conclusions if the introduction of material fact demands it.

Until then, consider:

–A staggering array of evolutionary compulsions burn brightly inside all modern humans.  These baser mechanisms of defense activate many times faster than the thinking brain.  

–Misinterpreted threats that descend from these distortions are at the core of all conflict.  

–The point of injury to the developing human psyche is precisely knowable.  It unfolded when the collaborative and affiliative human brain first took up behaviors of acquisitive meritocracy.  

–Humans are born neither violent nor cruel.  Both of these maladies descend from psychic injury, fed by unnatural, class-based systems of financial meritocracy. Resentment intruded upon the human experience for the first time.” 

The Human Condition is deteriorating.  Should modern humans fail to recognize, quantify and arrest human degradation, the freefall of degradation must and will resolve chaotically.  A human unwillingness to absorb now-available evolutionary data will destroy us.

–Human extinction by its own hand is as certain as it is unnecessary.  Inaction nevertheless guarantees that what need not occur, will occur.

–Illogical macro behavior is not a choice.  It has its roots in primitive influence.  All modern behavior, with very few exceptions, descends from a misinterpreted environment.”

-Humans will glimpse sustainability only when humans surrender to, and then define their evolutionary prison.  Should humans fail to quantify the prison of evolutionary influence, we will perish in the very prison we did not define.

–Humans have fully monetized perpetual conflict.  Deductively, therefore, the only known destroyer of human interaction (conflict into perpetuity) is also what feeds our families.  This is a killer that no one intended to create.  Human arrival into sustainability therefore requires first that we forgive ourselves.

The Human Injury by itself is at the heart of human dysfunction.  Modern humans are not flawed in any way.  We are broken, injured and frightened–set adrift when our natural longings were discouraged, crowded out and replaced.

–Noēsis will seek consensus among all human beings on Earth, that we have arrived at our present-day existential crisis as EQUAL and LIKE beings.  We are a species in crisis.

–The future of Mankind is not knowable, but Mankind’s past is fully knowable.  Hope and remedy for modern humanity requires that we know ourselves as a species.  Self-discovery is now possible for the first time.  The evolutionary motivators for all behavior are knowable.

–Modern humanity is engaged in increasingly escapist behavior, placed there by our helplessness against advancing human degradation.  Modern humankind must therefore summon the courage to view itself.  We will seek and absorb that data or perish under its weight.  We have a choice.

The light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long.  Modern humans are accelerating into a curve.  The broken-down vehicle we drive is ill-equipped.  Humanity cannot avoid the curve, but we CAN properly equip the vehicle.

–Advances in Cosmology and Astronomy show the human species to be among the most rare and unique species in the galaxy.  Humans claim to greatly value rarity!  Why do we discount our own?The cosmic rarity of the human species must be understood in any quest to attain human sustainability.

–Humans cannot unite politically, religiously or culturally.  Noēsis will not pursue the impossible.  Rather, we will unite all humans on Earth under the banner of species’ self-preservation.  The process will and must unfold over decades.

–Human history books are vehicles to describe the variable situations that cause repetitive human failure.  We must alter our history books to become vehicles of analysis.   They must transcend mere description.  They must isolate and quantify the evolutionary influences, with their attending mathematical patterns, that combine to defeat all human interaction.

–Human beings share the same place of origin–the African Congo Basin. There is no conjecture of any kind on this matter.  Humans are genetically linked to essentially 100%. 

–Prior to 200 years ago, human cultures had knowledge that other humans were clinical brothers and sisters.  Perpetual conflict is unnatural to humans.  No past human culture knew that we evolved on this Earth.

–The humans that we were once in conflict with and those we enslaved were also our clinical brothers and sisters.

–There is no BLAME. 

–There is no JUDGMENT. 

–There is only UNDERSTANDING. 

–A sustainable human species will throw down its sword, or we will destroy ourselves.  

–Educational initiatives must maintain a slow and steady progression over decades.  There cannot be an interruption of currently deployed human models.  As the mission of Noēsis unfolds, all of humanity is asked to simply carry on, with no threat to current models.  It will require decades to unwind what it took 10,000 years to create.



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