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Is Humanity Sustainable

Noēsis asks the human race to take a chance on TRUTH, in return for a reward called human sustainability. 

Modern humans can understand in detail our shared place of origin.  Evolutinary influence on modern behavior can be quantified.  if not, misinterpreted modern threats will destroy us.  We will arrest human degradation, or our species will perish

All these moments will be lost in Time…like tears…in rain.”  —Roy Batty, “Blade Runner.”

In tis illistration, theitems highlighted in orange are concerns that block human sustainability. The current human trajectory – conflict into perpetuity – is not remotely survivable.  

The bottom of the chart, highlighted in white, is a template for HOPE.  We must examine ourselves in unblinking fashion.  We will break the cycle of unnatural human conflict.  We will do so only by allowing monetized conflict to redirect over the slow march of time.

Situational ownerhip hurts.  Escapism kills.  With these prisons defined, we can escape them.



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