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Self-discovery for the human species is now attainable.  A well-understood evolutionary timeline is like a vast field of crops, waiting to be harvested.  The questions, “Who are we?” and, “How did we get here”?, are knowable.

The evolutionary triggers for modern human behavior guarantee human degradation.  All past human cultures were doomed at their beginning, pre-ordained to fail by the constant mathematics of unchecked meritocracy.  It ends now. 

Immediate Value:

Humankind will stop blaming itself for its repetitive failures.  Humans believe that we can simply wish away two million years of evolutionary baggage.  We cannot.  We are overmatched by our BIOLOGY.  

Medium Term Value:

Humans must reconnect with our darkest compulsions.  We were ordered to banish them centuries ago, but they never left.  They simply reinvented, and they make the rules.  We will either reintegrate with them, or we will continue to be owned by them.  Our choice.   

Long Term Value:

A sentient species that finally understands the evolutionary mechanisms that drive repetitive failures can then EVOLVE into a sustainable species.  A deep understanding of the human evolutionary timeline will allow us to meet ourselves for the first time.

We must know what is now knowable.  The data is there; Noēsis has it.


Call us, and get involved.  Do you have good ideas?  Tell us about them.  Bring them to life.  We are approachable, now and forever.  We will unite ALL human beings under the banner of species’ self-preservation.   

Noēsis is here to stay.


Your generous donations will help Noēsis to continue its mission, to gain global awareness, to unite humans under something we CAN control–an insistence that we survive ourselves, in order to expand upon our many beliefs.