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Make no mistake about our mission at Noēsis.  We’re here to deploy a process of human self-discovery.  Educational vehicles will teach the evolutionary triggers for every human behavior in the modern day.  A regressive human species can find sustainability.  With Humanity in freefall, this window has opened not one moment too soon.

A deep understanding of the human evolutionary timeline was never possible for past human cultures, as each of them perished under the weight of perpetual conflict.  Our best intentions are no match for evolutionary compulsions that have always enslaved our helpless species.  We can now FREE ourselves.  The data is there; Noēsis has it.

You’re not donating to climate change, to pandemic, or to nuclear disarmament.  You’re donating to the now-visible possibility that we can survive OUR VERY NATURE.  You’re donating to help Noēsis unravel the process that places humans into immediate danger.

Don’t stop with your donation.  Call us, and get involved further.  We are available and approachable.  We seek global presence to unite human beings under the banner of self-preservation.   Noēsis is here to stay.