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The Mathematics of Human Failure

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What do we see all around us? What’s the central component of all our social and economic models today? If your answer isn’t perpetual conflict, you’re not alone. Humanity seems to be strangely unaware of this madness. Will today’s culture also fail like all others before it by the churn of conflict? Well, it already has.
This thing that we do is on empty.
I made a reasonable statement at the beginning. The mortality of our species is visible, and that sounds to me like failure. We raise our children to love and respect the world and those in it. We then send them into a meat grinder of
conflict. What could go wrong with that has gone wrong. The failure of this model pours out of our history books and we start it all over again.
Noēsis welcomes all humans to learn why we can’t evolve and by that process actually move toward it. I also said that Noēsis isn’t here to describe concerns. We’re not here to blame or to judge. Who accepts blame? We’re here to explain it. To teach it. And to only then move past this churn. We’ve all heard this too…. “We’ll figure it out. The human race, once it’s on the ropes, will evolve.”
Abstinent process we will not figure it out. That’s what all the other ones before failed to do. They didn’t understand themselves then, and we don’t understand ourselves now. Since the dawn of life on this planet 97% of the life forms that ever existed here are now extinct. If you’re keeping score at home, that comes in at 5 billion species. Extinction on earth is as common as breathing. In fact, during the time that it takes me to state the following, one species just went extinct. About 15 a day. The idea that it can’t happen is preposterous. And it’s also completely unnecessary. In 202o A.D., we’ve identified two million separate species here on earth. Good work by us, right? Not really. There are thought to be at least 10
million species alive right now, so we’ve yet to meet four of every five species on the planet. We don’t know how we got here, and we don’t know how we’re leaving.
We don’t understand ourselves. “We’ll figure it out?” No we won’t. We don’t even know where to start, but that’s okay. Noēsis does, and you’ll find that out.
What supports the idea that we’re unsustainable? Well here’s a different question: “What doesn’t support it?” So how do we miss this well-known killer, perpetual conflict?” Here’s a hint… What failed systems admit their failure? Humanity will never admit its failure. We infer it by merely looking around. We humans depend upon conflict. What provably vanquished every culture prior to our own conflict into infinity, is at the center of everything we do again. It’s not only perpetual, it’s now vaguely engineered. What could go wrong?

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Any sustainable species would logically alter a failing system. By contrast, human beings rise from the ashes and begin the same failed models over and over again. The human race clearly doesn’t understand itself. Historical human events actually display mathematical similarities. Human cultures fail because of our unwillingness/inability to trace the evolutionary driving forces of repetitive human failure. With the human evolutionary timeline now well-understood, the goal of self-discovery is now attainable. Humans MUST either access and understand it, or we will perish by our inaction.



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