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The Sum of Human Fear

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Hi, This is Tony Wall.  I’m the Founder of Noesis.  Noesis is a stranger, and humans distrust strangers.  THE MORE YOU KNOW ABOUT US, THE BETTER.  It’s important to explain our mission in plain words, and that will make you uncomfortable.  But stay in your seats this time.  The Clarity we bring is intended to unite all human beings on Earth under the banner of self-preservation.  We think our mission is noble.  But suddenly, it way more than noble.  It’s vital. 

Someone has to say this.  As children, we were afraid of the dark.  We can all relate to that.  Being afraid of the dark makes us human.  How does this apply now?  There’s a vague darkness settling in over our entire species.  We all sense a gathering storm for our species.  Our denial, our false bravado if you will, serves us poorly.

I’d like to reposition human anxiety.  I’d like to move it out of our peripheral vision, and into a spotlight.  If we actively bring human anxiety into view, we rob it of its ability to barge in on all of Humanity, as it’s NOW doing.  Let’s hear ourselves say what we never could.  “We don’t know how we GOT here, and we don’t know how we’re LEAVING.”  What sentient being WOULDN’T fear that reality? 

Noesis is here forever, in one form of another, because things looks vaguely menacing to us, and certainly less hopeful than before.  That’s not excessive; it’s fair!  Never mind your country or your politics.  If you’ve got a heart beating in your chest, you sense “Freefall”.  That’s a good word.  Let’s apply it.  

A person with a parachute is in Freefall, and they don’t mind.  But what happens when they pull the ripcord and determine with horror that the parachute doesn’t exist.  The bliss of only seconds ago is transformed instantly into a grim reality.  Similarly, freefall for all humans is no longer conjecture.  The Freefall we feel doesn’t hurt.  A sudden stop at the bottom will.  Noesis is here to redirect that possibility, because the sum of human fear has paralyzed us.

Here’s what paralysis looks like.  We don’t know what to do, or where to start.  That’s a common enemy that all humans now share.   Human history proves that humans unite over common enemies.  Can we unite over the specter of our mortality—is that not enough?  We’re about to find out.  The enemies we think we are can’t agree on anything.  But maybe we can agree on THAT.  Paralysis is tantamount to surrender.  We don’t do surrender.  Do you?

About this Video:

All of Humanity senses a gathering storm.  A sense of “freefall” has set in. Human beings are understandably confused and fearful, acting every bit of it.

In response, Noēsis views “The Human Condition” through a lens of great empathy. In this video, we position Humanity not as flawed, but as injured and frightened, running low on false bravado.

We are NOT flawed or failed. We are gravely injured as a entire species. An admission of helplessness would not diminish us.

Humans are know to bond over common enemies. Is the probable demise of Humanity – by its own hand – not enough?  We’re about to find out.



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