The Human Injury Explains:

  • Between 10,000 and 20,000 years ago, evolving human beings completed their migratory journey around the globe.  They began to settle into larger groups.  This was enabled and accelerated by an agricultural awakening.  (Beasts of Burden were domesticated; dogs were domesticated to manage them).  

  • The earlier migratory journey was made possible only by the deployment of highly collaborative behaviors.  These deep longings for collaboration are baked into human biology.  These longings would soon be discouraged, then largely crowded out by events related to growing populations.

  • Larger populations – quite logically – gave rise to elements of control.  Behaviors of “Acquisition” were encouraged.

  • Acquisitive behaviors spawned the first meritocracy among humans. The self-interest of “Meritocracy” collided head-on with the human longing for “Collaboration”.

  • A hierarchy of human value intruded upon the human experience, and the trouble immediately began.  The first seeds of “The Human Injury” were sewn.  The failure of all human cultures after this, by models of unchecked meritocracy, was now assured.