Noēsis Video Series

Welcome to the Noēsis Video Series. Our growing series will familiarize viewers with the central themes here at Noēsis. Viewers can sample our logical, deductive and analytical approach to the The Human Condition. Our mathematics-based approach to the human evolutionary timeline now allows our species to view itself differently — a road to human recovery never before explored.

The Mathematics of Human Failure

Any sustainable species would logically alter a failing system. By contrast, human beings rise from the ashes and begin the same failed models over and over again. The human race clearly doesn’t understand itself. Historical human events actually display mathematical similarities. Human cultures fail because of our unwillingness/inability to trace the evolutionary driving forces of repetitive human failure. With the human evolutionary timeline now well-understood, the goal of self-discovery is now attainable. Humans MUST either access and understand it, or we will perish by our inaction.


Many conclude that Noēsis exists to forestall human extinction. That is flatly incorrect. A more sinister concern plagues Humanity. 99.9% of all species to ever exist on Earth are now gone. In each case, commitment to extinction happened long before the finality of extinction. Commitment does not denote a purposeful act. Rather, “Commitment” is the point past which the recovery of any species is a mathematical impossibility.


3 Part Series

Galileo was not congratulated for his Truth. He was more correctly erased by forces of CONTROL. Galileo has since taken his place as, “The Father of Modern Science”. We modern human beings can now view ourselves safely, if we have the courage to look. We can reintegrate with our baser compulsions. With that in place, we will forgive ourselves for our weaknesses. We will then cherish our cosmic rarity. And finally, we will actively preserve ourselves. The human tendency to reject and destroy what it doesn’t understand is explored in this 3 part series.


It’s a matter of time before Noēsis is viewed as a FRIEND to a frightened and confused Mankind. We’ll first ask viewers to feel uncomfortable, as the growing existential concerns of Humanity are described. Noēsis should never be seen as alarmists, but rather, as a process-driven force for human sustainability. As the saying goes, “we’ll need to break a few eggs first”. This video explains what our process of education might look like, and what it might accomplish. A highly stressed Humanity needs answers, not theories.


Humanity senses a gathering storm, not of its choosing. A sense of “freefall” has set in. Human beings are understandably fearful, and acting every bit of it. Noēsis views “The Human Condition” through a lens of great empathy. In this video, we position Humanity not as flawed, but as injured and frightened, running low on false bravado. Humans are not flawed or failed. We are frightened and injured. An admission of helplessness would not diminish us. We bond over common enemies. Is the probable demise of Humanity – by its own hand – not enough?


Noēsis describes 2 million years of evolutionary influence, pressing down upon our present moments at all times. It’s no less than a WEIGHT that, if fully understood, might also be shed. If we would not wish to carry a 20-lb. weight everywhere we go, why would we wish to carry the weight of evolutionary relics that place humans endlessly into conflict, and then keep us there? Let’s describe “The Weight”. Let’s then deduce its uselessness. And finally, lets throw “The Weight” off the human shoulder – FOR GOOD. 


A highly-detailed human evolutionary timeline was not available to mankind, even 50 years ago. This timeline has since become rich in detail. Humanity can now apply SCIENCE to defining itself for the first time. In fact, the available data is no less than a vast field of crops. Let’s get busy harvesting it. This data can now assist humans in not merely meeting ourselves for the first time, but in actually knowing who we truly are. The available data will ignite a process of self-discovery, through education. It will allow humans to reintegrate with our baser compulsions. We will only then be able to forgive ourselves. We can then grow to like ourselves, to cherish our rarity, and to preserve ourselves as a species.


Climate changepandemic and nuclear winter currently occupy the forefront of human anxiety in the modern day. But NONE of these three things has ever undermined or destroyed any past human cultures. That distinction belongs to the king of human deal-killers. Perpetual Conflict. Need we say more?


Noēsis has identified several main components of perpetual conflict among humans. One of them is “non-concession”, the human inability to concede a material fact. Non-concession springs from the primitive human belief that we are under attack. Primitive compulsions are at the heart of all human conflict. Understanding the machine-like action of these compulsions is vital to arresting human degradation.


Italian Physicist Enrico Fermi determined that any intelligent species would require only a billion years to fully colonize the galaxy. “The Great Silence” is therefore a reality that cannot be ignored. Mr. Fermi famously asked, “Where is Everybody??”. When he did, “The Fermi Paradox” was born. In answer to the paradox, “The Great Filter” suggests that intelligent life tends to destroy itself, as it navigates the rigors of technological childhood. Noēsis gently warns that Humanity is now in contact with “The Great Filter”. Will we survive it, or will we be typical, and succumb to it? This video introduces “Cosmic Rarity”.


This video introduces viewers to the “The Human Injury”. The term is quite literal. An evolutionary crossover event – when Collaboration yielded to Acquisition – sewed the first seeds of resentment into the human experience. The human heart and mind were emotionally INJURED by the unnatural realities that formed under systems of meritocracy. For the first time, once-equal beings became either greater or lesser beings. The resulting dynamics were – and still are – fatal.


This video explains the basics of the human evolutionary timeline. Viewers can then understand the random events that combined to derail migratory human beings, who began to act in a clinically unnatural fashion, around 10,000 years ago, when they first settled into larger and larger populations. “Elements of Societal Control” were introduced. Acquisitive behavior was slowly encouraged, while collaborative longings were slowly discouraged.


Should humans beings unintentionally select themselves for extinction, the resulting commitment will be mathematically irreversible. Noēsis is therefore not concerned with human extinction, per-se. Rather, the specter of commitment commands our full attention, until that concern is defeated. 5 billion species have already gone instinct. All of them committed to their demise long before the last of their kind fell.