Noēsis Video Series

Welcome to the Noēsis Video Series.  Our growing series will familiarize viewers with the central themes here at Noēsis. Viewers can sample a logical, deductive and analytical approach to The Human Condition.  A mathematics-based approach to the human evolutionary timeline allows our increasingly troubled species to view itself differently — a road to human recovery never before explored.

The Mathematics of Human Failure

Do we have your attention?  Let’s find out:

Humanity enjoys essentially no chance to attain a sustainable future under modern-day realities.

You needed to read that.  And now, you’re uncomfortable.  That makes you normal.  If you let Noēsis in, it gets better from here. But first:  

The collapse of all past human cultures was never situational.  Rather, each displayed mathematical similarities.  We now know why.  The weight of millions of years of evolutionary influence on human behavior was never understood.  By that reality alone, human cultures never once had a future.

That was then!  The human evolutionary journey on Earth is now well-understood.  The goal of species’ self-discovery is attainable. Let’s get busy knowing what is knowable, or we will perish by our inaction. 

Let’s run the numbers of life on Earth.  Start with this video.


Humanity has arrived to its present-day existential crisis by a well-understood INERTIA.  Noēsis views modern Mankind through the lens of Empathy.  This video describes three examples of inertia along the human evolutionary timeline.  The precisely traceable events that altered these inertias are also described.

When humans began to setle into larger and larger populations, Collaboration yielded slowly to Acquisition.  The constantly failed dynamics that formed never intended to be deadly–but deadly they were, and still are. 

By deductive reasoning, therefore:

If the current human inertia is not altered by a process of species self-discovery, Humanity will tumble into Oblivion, by its own hand. Noēsis will not stand by and watch it.  We’re here to understand it, to teach it, and to alter it.


3 Part Series

“Bold thinking is extinguished first, and congratulated later.”

The human tendency to reject and destroy what it doesn’t understand is explored in this 3-part series.

Galileo was not congratulated for his Truth. Rather, he was erased by forces of control.  Galileo has since taken his place as, “The Father of Modern Science”.

Human beings can now view themselves safely, if we have the courage to look. We cannot banish our ancient compulsions; we must reintegrate with them.  Only then will we  forgive ourselves for our weaknesses. We will then cherish our cosmic rarity. And finally, we will actively preserve ourselves.


It’s a matter of time before Noēsis is viewed as a FRIEND to a frightened and confused Mankind.  Before we achieve that, we’ll need to ask viewers to feel uncomfortable, as the existential concerns of Humanity are described.

Noēsis is a process-driven force for human sustainability.  But, as the saying goes, “we’ll need to break a few eggs first”.

This video explains what our process of global education, occurring over decades, might look like, and what it might accomplish. A highly stressed Humanity needs answers, not theories.


Let’s discuss the growing human propensity to lie. But let’s not judge it. Let’s look for traceable patterns.

Let’s agree on this first.  All Lies Await Discovery.

When we lie, it goes south from there, and quickly. We need to manage our lies.  It’s exhausting!  Innocent third parties might then be sucked into these distortions we create, but we don’t intend that.  This growing complexity must and will collapse. 


In any system based upon meritocracy, imperfect beings are judged by others against a standard of perfection.  We can’t ever win that race, so we create false merit.  We lie.

We think we may be able to help here.  Take a look.


Humanity now senses a gathering storm.  A vague sense of “freefall” troubles the hearts and minds of all human beings. We’re collectively frightened, and we are acting every bit of it.

Noēsis views “The Human Condition” through a lens of great empathy. In this video, we position humanity not as flawed, but as injured and frightened, running low on false bravado.  An admission of helplessness would not diminish us, but it will never come.

But wait!  It says here that humans bond over common enemies. Is the specter of human mortality, by our own hand, not enough?  We’re about to find out. 

Noēsis will seek and achieve a global consensus–that humans are a species in crisis.


In this video, we describe two million years of evolutionary influence, pressing down upon our present moments at all times.  Evolutionary baggage is a WEIGHT that all humans on Earth equally bear.

If understood, this weight can be shed, for good.  None of us would volunteer to carry a 20-lb. weight everywhere we go.   Why do we carry the weight of 2 million years of evolutionary influence, when we can put it down? 

Let’s understand this Weight. Let’s acknowledge its power over us.  Let’s deduce its uselessness.  Lets throw “The Weight” down FOR GOOD. 


Who are we to redefine “The Human Condition”?  This video answers.

A highly-detailed evolutionary timeline was not available to mankind, even 50 years ago. This timeline has since become rich in detail. Humanity can access it, and truly define itself for the first time.

The richly detailed evolutionary data now available to struggling human is a vast field of crops.  This data now allows a process of species’ self-discovery, a chance for humans to finally reintegrate with our baser compulsions.

We will then forgive ourselves for past failures. We’ll like ourselves as a species.  We will cherish our cosmic rarity.  We will preserve what we come to understand.


Climate Change, Pandemic, Nuclear Winter, and Disruptive Technologies occupy the forefront of human anxiety in the modern day.

But wait just a minute here!  We’re protecting a future that can’t arrive, due to a viewable phenomenon.

Not one of these above-listed modern concerns ever destroyed 80 major past human cultures.  All of the tombstones for past human cultures have the same two words etched on them: Perpetual Conflict

Let’s say it together:


These very same models are  again at the heart of all we do in the modern day.  This THING we humans do, if it were a fuel tank, is on dead empty.


Noēsis has identified several main motivators of perpetual conflict among humans. One of them is “non-concession”, the human inability to concede a material fact.

Recall that Noēsis traces the evolutionary motivators of modern bahavior.  Non-concession, the inability to concede an indefensible position, is the modern reenactment of an ancient battle–the belief that we are under attack.

The ancient enemies of modern humans are long dead.  The human flight or flight system is unimpressed with these kinder, gentler realities. 

Understanding the machine-like action of these primitive compulsions is vital to arresting human degradation.


Italian Particle Physicist and Cosmologist, Enrico Fermi, determined that any intelligent species in the Milky Way galaxy would require a billion years to colonize the galaxy, at sub-light speed.  The math explains that we should have met “ET” by now. The phenomenon is dubbed, “The Great Silence”, a reality that cannot be ignored.

Mr. Fermi famously asked colleagues, “Where is Everybody?”. When he did, The Fermi Paradox was born.

“The Great Filter” suggests that sentient life forms tend to destroy themselves in technological childhood. 

As our species accelerates into a curve, Noēsis warns that humankind is now in direct contact with “The Great Filter”.

Will we survive our encounter, or will we be typical, and succumb, like all others before us likely have?  This video asks Humanity to cherish its “Cosmic Rarity”.


This video introduces viewers to the “The Human Injury”.

An evolutionary crossover event – when Collaboration yielded to Acquisition – sowed the first seeds of resentment into the human experience.

The human heart and mind were emotionally injured by the unnatural realities that formed under systems unchecked “meritocracy”.

Once-equal beings were suddenly viewed as lesser beings. The resulting dynamics have always been, and still are fatal to human cultures.

We monetized these components of conflict that we never understood.  We’re hooked on the evolutionary heroin of ceaseless conflict. 

Humans are not flawed in any way.  We are more correctly injured, acting in a clinically unnatural fashion, the dynamics of which are eminently knowable.


There is no longer conjecture on this matter!  Humans all come from the same place–the African Congo Basin.

This video explains the basics of the human evolutionary timeline. Viewers can then understand the random events that combined to derail migratory human beings, as they began to act in a clinically unnatural fashion.

Around 10,000 years ago, when humans settled into larger population, elements of Control were introduced.  Acquisitive behavior was encouraged, while collaborative longings were slowly crowded out.

The first seeds of, “The Human Injury” were sown.


Should humans beings unintentionally select themselves for extinction, a subsequent and unquantifiable period of commitment will follow.  True commitment cannot be defeated.

Noēsis is not concerned with human extinction. Rather, the specter of commitment commands our full attention, until that concern is defeated. 

Five billion species have already gone extinct.  Earth loses 150 species a day to extinction.  All of them committed to their demise long before the last of their kind fell.