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Hello, I’m Anthony Wall, and I’m the founder of Noesis.

Of all the intriguing and searching questions that we’re asked about our mission, the one that comes up at some point is, “IF NOESIS GAINS THE ATTENTION OF A TROUBLED and increasingly HELPLESS HUMANITY, WHAT THEN?  WHAT WILL NOESIS DO ABOUT THE CONCERNS THAT FACE HUMANITY? How will Noesis soothe a growing sense of despair among ALL humans?

First thing’s first.  If the concerns facing Humanity are not communicated intelligently, we’ll cease to exist.  Don’t count on it.  If NOESIS fails to reach a global consensus – that Humanity is in CRISIS – we’ll cease to exist by that as well.  We better be able to DEFEND our argument.  NOESIS can’t FAKE the intelligence you will see here.  I didn’t create Noesis to fail.  We live squarely in the real world, and I think you’ll agree.

As I pondered the question, “What Will Noesis Do?”, I knew that I was asking the WRONG QUESTION.  Never mind what we SAY we’ll do.   Here’s the better question: “WHAT’S DO-ABLE?”   If the process we deploy isn’t DO-ABLE, you’ll know it.  You’ll locate the exits, and who could blame you?  Because Humanity suddenly has no time for THEORY, does it?  We need answers.  Now would be a good time.

Here’s something else we can all relate to, and stay with me here.   If we were to wake up in an ambulance, with its sirens blaring, we would be looking for some hard answers, wouldn’t we?  What happened to us?  Are we safe?  Will we live?  When we’re in danger, we have no interest in THEORY.  We need answers. NOW would be a god time.  That’s why the first responders hovering over you aren’t discussing the weather.  They’re focused only on YOU, and they better be. They’re relaying information to an awaiting hospital team, who will get busy saving your life when you arrive.

Comparing our process at Noesis to an ambulance ride might be called simplistic.  No—we make complex what’s so simple I call it precise.  Isn’t it reasonable to say that the human race – all 8 Billion of us together – has awakened suddenly inside what feels like a cosmic ambulance.  Our remarkable, unique and exquisitely rare species is GRAVELY INJURED.  Noesis is here to HELP.  We’ll need to quantify the concerns.  And we have. 

Here’s what we human beings now need, and here is what we will give you.  Consider this:

As children, we all at one point or another woke in the middle of the night by a noise in our closet, or a stirring under our beds.  There are very few of us that didn’t have that experience, because it makes us all human.   Those noises we heard in our closets, those stirrings we heard under our beds, were not casual concerns. Rather, they paralyzed all of us with fear.  No further sleep would be possible.  Perhaps we cried out for help.  I know I did.

What happened next?  Within seconds, our parents were there.  They heard our cries.  They were there to comfort us.  We were genuinely frightened of the dark, and the noises we heard. 

Did our parents launch into fairy tales?  No.  No—fairy tales don’t quell fear. Our parents lovingly explained a central TRUTH.  They told us that everything has an explanation.  To bring us true comfort, they proved that the noise in our closets weren’t monsters.  They taught us that monsters don’t even exist. 

With these mysteries explained forever, and with our parents near us, we fell into a blissful sleep, didn’t we?  And that is what NOESIS exists to do—-to tame human anxiety by explaining that humans are actors in a play that we didn’t write, and that we don’t choose.

Use that analogy as I now end PART I, and move on to Part II.  In PART II, you’ll hear not about what NOESIS intends to do.  I’ll explain instead, “WHAT’S DO-ABLE”.  If you want it sugar-coated, I’m not your man.  If human sustainability is our goal, only information that lives in the real world will keep you here.

Noesis calls ourselves professional explainers, so let me explain this.  We innocent human beings have been at one another’s throats for thousands of years.  Through the failure of one human culture after another, we thought we were making choices.  We never were.  We were stumbling then, and we’re stumbling NOW, over the residue of ancient compulsions inside all of us.  They overpower us, as they misunderstand everything they see.   In the modern day, it’s once again by design of these unseen forces that we fight.  We’re hooked on ceaseless conflict.  We feel great empathy for a whale that’s entangled itself in a fishing net.  Humanity is entangled in its own evolutionary baggage.  Why would we not view ourselves with Empathy, and seek thereby to free ourselves?

We never chose to fail once—not ever.  Our Failures CHOSE US.  The weight of 2,000,000 years of evolution, pressing down on our present moments, is the stirring under our bed that paralyzes us today.  We’ve arrive at “self-loathing”, as an entire species.  Self-loathing doesn’t pursue sustainability.  It pursues suicide.  We’ve given up on OURSELVES.  But not if Noesis can help it.  With our chronic illness now existing in the realm of Science, the Blame and the Self-Loathing stop now.  Where self-loathing stops, self-preservation starts.

We have the data.  We don’t have the TIME.  Let’s get started.  Thank you very much.

About this Video:

It’s a matter of time before Noēsis is viewed as a FRIEND to a frightened and confused Mankind. 

But first, we’ll ask viewers to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.  The existential concerns of an evermore-confused humankind are described. At Noēsis, we are not alarmists.  We are educators and problem solvers.

As the saying goes, “we’ll need to break a few eggs first”. This video explains what our process of education might look like, and what it might accomplish. A highly stressed Humanity needs answers, not theories.



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