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“Hi, my name is Anthony Wall.  I am the Founder of Noēsis.

I’m chosen a colonial setting in Plymouth Meeting, Pa., to discuss our emerging group.  It was in the colonial times that the gathering places first appeared for something called the “Quaker Society of Friends”.  These gathering places, called “Friends Meting”, historic changes took place in the way that Mankind viewed itself.

The Quakers viewed ALL human beings as ONE LIKE SPECIES.  How much alike?  Identical—no exceptions!  Their conclusions were spot-on.  All humans are now known to come from the very same place. 

These evolved conclusions then led to meaningful action.  All children, black or white, received free education, as early as 1690 AD, at the William Penn Charter School.  I’m a proud alumnus of Penn Charter.

But, how do the conclusions and actions I’ve described tie-in with the mission of Noēsis?”

“The graphic you see is our chosen logo.  It depicts a strand of human DNA, separated by an hourglass.  It’s meant to suggest that Humanity is “on the clock”.   But on the clock to do what?? The answer is again, to either Evolve, or to face an uncertain – and perhaps unpleasant – future.  

If evolved thinking occurred here 320 years ago, then even more sophisticated conclusions are now possible.  My group has already reached them.”

“All future members are invited not just to watch, but to directly join with us.  All religions and ideologies are welcomed, but y please, kindly check them at the door.  Our mission has only our shared Humanity at its core.

Our group has ASKED and ANSWERED the questions from which Humanity can no longer run.  We have a lot of va,luable information, so this video is only a river that leads to an ocean.  This project, as you will see, if both for you, and can’t exist without you.”

“If we ARE all genetic equals, then WHY do we now find ourselves in perpetual conflict with one another?  Anthropologists know now that we evolved as collaborative beings.  Collaboration is in our BIOLOGY.  Today, however, it feels like we’re swimming upstream from these collaborative longings–because we ARE.

How and when did born collaborators – remarkable and rare creatures like us – come to view one another as enemies?  It’s no mystery.  The answer is knowable, and Noēsis will bring it all into view.  For now, know this:  To view another human being as an enemy is an illusion.  We are not born violent or cruel.  Humans are NOT natural enemies.  Rather, we’re identical beings who battle common enemies.”

“What are those common enemies?  They’re right in front of us, but we can’t see them. Noēsis will change all of that.”

This is a picture of Ben Franklin.  How did Ben figure into all of this?  Franklin wrote the following words:

“The Only Light To The Future, Is That Of The Past.” 

“These words beckon Humanity to examine its past, and to thereby forge a healthier future.  Do we humans apply these words, or do instead make the SAME mistakes, over and over?  We’re extremely troubled by that “rinse and repeat” inertia, so we certainly care deeply for our fate.  

Noēsis focuses not on WHAT we do, but on WHY we do it.

What does that mean?

It’s this: It feels to most of us like we’re regressing.  Here’s why:

We are all held captive by our own past compulsions.  I refer to multiple, unresolved, fully primitive defaults of protection that tug on us every day.  These mechanisms were central to Survival, but those ancient battles that they fought, no longer exist.  But these mechanisms are so heavily BAKED-IN, the baser areas of our brains don’t yet know how to tame these responses.  These evolutionary impulses are therefore overzealous on their best day.

To complicate matters, these leftover relics don’t think, and they don’t bargain.  They act as metaphorical wrecking balls.  We therefore unknowingly send them to vanquish perceived enemies that aren’t there anymore.  We’re essentially OWNED by forces that misinterpret what they’re seeing.

This described malady is the common enemy of all Humanity.

Noēsis has identified multiple, primitive mechanisms of defense that can’t loosen their grip, because they can’t view themselves.  Their mission is one of “seek and destroy’.  Full Erasure of what no longer exists.  We all THINK that we’ve sent these defenses to the basement, but they still exist there–unchained.  They want out.  When they escape, their mission is annihilative.  They choose excessive behavior.  They know no other way!  They in turn invite similar responses from those they target.  I’ve just described the very mechanism of conflict.

Any attempt to arrest these forces will fail.  Noēsis will arrest nothing.  By understanding what drives us, we can temper these defensive responses.  They now see sabre-tooth tigers everywhere they look.  Our modern response – one of EXCESS – is the result.

These relics are way stronger than our will to defeat them.  Where such an imbalance exists, what could go wrong?”

“For the short answer, look around.  Pick up a newspaper.  You’re seeing identical beings, born to collaborate, struggling unsuccessfully against forces no one can see, concluding wrongly that “The Other” is their enemy.  We see also that we have replaced collaboration with the churn of Blame.  If we understand these invisible forces, perhaps they won’t own us anymore.  PERHAPS we will not so EASILY devolve into conflict.  That has real value.”

So, CAN the protective mechanisms that got us here, propel us into a healthy future?  We think not.  Our model of perpetual conflict, unchecked, has only one destination.  It’s knocking at the door right now.  It’s that vague sense of freefall that all of us feel.”

Noēsis exists not to blame, or to lecture—humans respond to neither of those.  We’re here….to HELP.  We’ll use membership fees to educate, to describe these evolutionary deal-breakers.  We will work to recapture the magic that we’ve lost, stolen by these undetected behavioral defaults.   As members, you can watch and learn, or you can directly participate.  The possibilities are limitless.

Noēsis has a process that can uncouple us from behavioral relics of the past that haunt our present day.  First thing’s first.  Let’s replace blaming others, with instead forgiving OURSELVES.  We all easily yield to ancient forces, because we don’t understand them. We’ll bring them into view.  We will define THEM, so they can no longer define us.

About this Video:

This is the original Noēsis video, filmed in March of 2019.  We are fact-based.  We hold our observations and conclusions to be inarguable.

This video describes the immensity of evolutionary influence on modern day behavior.  The phenomenon is at the heart of advancing human degradation. 

Do you have 9 free minutes?  We’ll describe the only demonstrable reason that human interaction fails?  All current human sustainability efforts are in vain.  Make us prove it. 

We risk it all by declaring what has never been declared before.  The current human trajectory will not survive–under ANY circumstances.  Human degradation stops, now, or the most remarkable creature in the Milky Way galaxy will bleed out, not by its faults, but by its wounds.



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