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Are you in trouble of some kind? Welcome to Life. It’s OK. I’m here to help you. But I may hurt you further if I don’t quantify your situation, and your pain before I take any action. Even my best intentions, absent the below process, could accelerate your “situation” into a disaster.

If a friend reports being in crisis, “Job 1” is to know that the concern is way more than a mere crisis. Either Pride or Shame has kept this person from surfacing. They surface now only because the dam broke; the crisis cannot be managed. Your friend has a survival issue. Don’t underestimate its intensity.

How can you help? Whatever you do, do NOT impose your will upon someone’s crisis, especially a valued friend. Instead, deploy the following steps to bring meaningful relief, to truly stabilize the situation.

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If you’re troubled by the alarming degradation of Humanity, park it right here. I can help you to view it differently. In fact, it’s my job to help human beings translate what they’re seeing in the modern day. It’s way different than we think. The human landscape is suddenly so polluted, we can barely see through the mist, let alone understand what we’re looking at. The lost and frightened creatures we’ve become could use a rest. Everything has an explanation.

I’m your man. I’m a professional explainer. I don’t judge it, and I don’t blame it. I explain it. Here’s the nickel tour on “Negative Information”. It’s all around us, like a hornet’s nest. We’re going to hell on a rail, right? NO. NOT EVEN CLOSE. We’re acting normally. I’ll show you.

This once-central requirement for human survival, negative information, has now fully turned on us. We’re in grave danger, that much is true. We were placed there not by human weakness, so let’s knock off the self-loathing. We’re endangered by the modern, perverted version of what was once central to survival for EVOLVING humans.

If the following doesn’t look familiar, there’s not much I can do.

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We’ve got to stop beating ourselves up about Racism. I’ll go first! I admitted my Racism long ago. It’s high time we all did. Only by OWNING it can we move past it.

Does my admission of Racism repel you? Have I triggered a defensive response? If so, tuck in your indignation. Let’s have the courage to view the EVOLUTIONARY SCIENCE that drives Racism.

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