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In another video, we identified the churn of Blame and Blame Rejection as being one of several MAIN CONDUITS that feed perpetual conflict among humans.  

Let’s move on.  Lets look at another mechanism that leads to he churn of conflict.  The one I describe isn’t theory – you didn’t hear?  We don’t do Theory here.  The one we’ll discuss now is raging all around us right now.  It hides in plain sight.  We’ve normalized a known killer of human interaction.  Let’s have the courage to look.  Why waste time?  Let’s do it now.

Non-Concession keeps on showing up in our history books, folks.  When we compare the social collapse of human cultures that were never aware of one another,  the ensuing autopsies were eerily similar in nature.  That’s a hint that we’re asking the wrong questions.  Never mind the described events.  What evolutionary mechanisms are driving them?

Your homework is once again simple.  Notice it.  You’ll never view the simple act of non-concession the same.

You see two words here–critical thinking.  If you see human beings practicing it, you’re seeing the equivalent of a unicorn.  Critical Thinking demands that material fact rules any debate.  If you have an opinion, and material fact is introduced, you must alter your opinion accordingly.  Not maybe. 

But is that what humans do?  What sounds more familiar to you?  Do we concede material fact, or do we more often dig in our heels?  Do we CONCEDE to material fact, or do we fall on our sword before we’ll concede a thing.  You know the answer, and the answer is killing our species.

Human beings won’t concede.  That phenomenon – Non-Concession – torpedoes millions of conversations every day, and that creates the ruinous constant known as – say it with me – perpetual conflict. 

How ruinous is our inability to concede a point?  For starters, we invented a cliche that brags about non-concession.  Here it is—see if you recognize it: “Let’s Agree to Disagree”. 

Let me translate this nonsense. When we agree to disagree, in 95 of 100 cases, one or both of us failed to concede a material fact.

Non-concession makes us silent and endless enemies.  On its worst day, we kill one another.  And this – the inability to concede the time of day – is the vehicle that will transport Humanity to a sustainable future?   No–it isn’t.  

We’ll go to our graves protecting indefensible positions, rather than to concede?  Here’s why.

In the subconscious human mind, where the ling-gone enemies of our evolutionary past cintinue to haunt modern humans, non-concession is not a choice.  To concede is Darwinian “weakness”.  See how simple?  Why concede, when we can start a war

We’re witness every day to disagreements that, no matter how much material fact intrudes, we won’t b give an inch.   What’s going on?  Folks, I wish it were hard.  It isn’t.

Any two combatants, whether they be friends in a bar, or entire countries, proceed from a grossly distorted belief.  They believe, in areas of the mind not consciously available to either, that their very lives are in danger.  These long-dead enemies, these sabers toothed tigers that once threatened us, continue to haunt a human mind that has yet to understand, let alone resolve, the leftover residue of its evolutionary past.

We’re not living in 40,000 BC anymore.  We’re not in the woods anymore, are we?  The ancient mechanisms of brutality inside of us can’t read, and they can’t hear.  They’re unimpressed with our kinder, gentler present-day reality.  They shoot to kill, and they fly over the wreckage later.

Is it that What happened?  Yes–it is.   And these delusions will transport humanity into a sustainable future.  No.  They won’t.  But now, suddenly, you see it differently.  Because you do, now we can alter what we understand.

About this Video:

Noēsis has identified several main conduits that feed  unnatural perpetual conflict among humans. One of them is “Non-Concession.”, the maddening human unwillingness to concede to material fact.

Non-concession springs from the primitive human belief that we are under attack, and that our lives are in danger. The primitive compulsions that yield stubborn human behavior remain at the heart of all human conflict.

Understanding these compulsions is vital to arresting human degradation.