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Commitment to Extinction

–Modern humans act unnaturally, relative to 100,000 prior generations of highly collaborative, affiliative and cooperative behavior.  Migrating humans thrived for 2,000,000 years.

Humans reached all parts of the globe in their migratory journey around 10-15,000 years ago.  The first economic models formed, as populations grew.  These models featured acquisitive self-interest. 

Self-interested models are foreign to human DNA.  It short-circuited evolutionary chemistry.  As humans formed unnatural hierarchies (financial meritocracy), human interaction broke down immediately.  

The Human Injury” was born.  Human beings diminished other humans, in class based (unnatural) hierarchies.  Resentment was introduced to the human experience.  

This random crossover period – from collaboration to acquisition – committed all stationary human empires to their demise.  Human empires were doomed at inception, but they could not know.  

These empirical failures would be called complex.  In fact, acquisitive cultures break down im mediately, catastrophically and mathematically.  This precision is now understood.

–These doomed models are in control once again–globally.  The arrival point is well-known.  


Monetized human conflict is not survivable.  Humanity will redirect its inertia, or disappear, as a mathematical certainty. 



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