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The Hierarchy of Human Value

The Hierarchy of Human Value Explains:

  1. After 250,000 years of collaborative wandering, migratory humans  became stationary humans.  As humans settled down, our populations grew. Behaviors of acquisition logically fell in, but these would prove to be foreign to collaborative human DNA. A troubling mathematical constant quickly formed.

  2. Among these doomed dynamics was the intrusion of meritocracy-based human value, in the form of “Greater” and “Lesser” beings.

  3. Fast forward to the modern day, and let’s view the scoreboard. A “lesser” being has never tolerated what deludes itself to be greater.  Moreover, the described social insult was, is, and ever shall remain a biological constant, not a situational one.

The unnatural churn of this described constant – as depicted in the illustration – went on to disassemble and destroy every human culture thereafter, in machine-like and predictable fashion. 

Wherever unchecked meritocracy is observed, its assured degradation and eventual collapse unfolds in this precise order:

–Resentment gives way to Vengeance.

–Vengeance plots Insurgency.

–The failing model deploys compensatory behaviors to preserve itself.  These eventually arrive at brute force.

–Left to repair itself, societal collapse is now imminent.  Eighty past human cultures based upon unchecked meritocracy have collapsed.  There are no exceptions. 


In 2022 AD, models of unchecked meritocracy now govern all social and economic human interaction on Earth.  Imminent failure is not a probability of social theory.  Rather, it’s pre-ordained by the constant mathematics of unchecked meritocracy.


A deep understanding of this above-described constant, through initiatives of global education – will realign the decisions a sustainable humanity makes within these very same models.

No human interaction that diminishes another human being will EVER survive.

When lesser beings are made to feel like necessary beings, Humanity will gift itself its only chance to survive.



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