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The Hierarchy of Human Value

An unnatural hierarchy formed when stationary cultures arrived to behaviors of self-interest.  Unnatural behavior selects itself for extinction.  The lone variable is time (t).

  1. The human migratory journey unfolded in the spirit of cooperation.  Humans collaborated, or we risked our very lives.  These basic compulsions, to assist others, to help what is helpless, are deeply woven into human DNA.
  2. Stationary cultures had an agricultural awakening.  Human populations grew.  Acquisition slowly replaced Collaboration.  Self-interested humans appeared on Earth for the first time. 
  3. These unnatural hierarchies arrived quickly at financial meritocracy.  
  4. The illusion of “Greater” beings met head-on with the resentment of “Lesser” beings.  The human compass cracked that day.  
  5. The chart you see above depicts the arrival point of unnatural hierarchy.  They are fueled by the resentment of diminished human beings. 
  6. Humans have never survived an unnatural hierarchy.  



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