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The Hierarchy of Human Value

The Hierarchy of Human Value Explains:

  1. After 250,000 years of collaborative wandering, a journey that began for humans in Central Africa, we reached all points of the globe by 10–15000 years ago.

  2. The migratory journey unfolded in the spirit of cooperation.  Humans collaborated, or we risked our very lives.  That strong compulsion, to assist others, to help what is helpless, is deeply woven into human DNA

  3. As our populations grew, humans became stationary. humans. Behaviors of acquisition fell in.  Self-interest intruded upon the human experience.

  4. A financial meritocracy discouraged, and then replaced the natural order that favored by migratory behavior.

  5. An unnatural dynamic, greater and lesser beings, was born.  Nature does not tolerate unnatural behavior.  The constant of human failure is inarguably rooted in unnatural dyamics that are not situational, but rather, are foreign to human DNA.

  6. The socio-mathematical constant ignited by stationary self-interest meant that all developing human cultures after that were mathematically pre-ordained to fail at their inception.




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