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The Hierarchy of Human Value

A “Hierarchy of Human Value” intruded upon the human experience when humans took up behaviors of acquisitive self-interest.  Because the hierarchy is class-based, it is technically unnatural.  Unnatural behavior selects itself for extinction.  The lone variable is Time.  Its socio-mathematical components are below.

  1. The 250,000-year migratory journey for evolving humans unfolded in the spirit of cooperation.  Humans collaborated, or we risked our very lives.  These basic compulsions, to assist others, to help what is helpless, are deeply woven into human DNA
  2. Stationary cultures experienced an agricultural awalening.  Our populations grew. Behaviors of acquisition slowly replaced collaboration.  Self-interest humans appeared on Earth for the first time. 

  3. Self interest humans formed an unnatural hierarchy–a financial meritocracy.  Class-based hierarchy is unnatural.  Unnatural behavior is born to die.  

  4. Greater and lesser beings descend into perpetual conflict, as a constant.  The cookie-cutter failures that followed were (and remain) the only arrival point.

  5. The chart you see should be viewed as no less than a pressure cooker.  Its unnarural dynamics will and must violently explode, fueled by  the resentment of diminished humans.  These failures started the day that a human being was diminished in stature by another. 




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