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Evolutionary Timeline

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About this Video:

This video explains the basics of the human evolutionary timeline. Humans can now understand the random events that combined to derail migratory human beings.  It looked like this:

–The collaborative biology that remains baked into human DNA was placed there by 250,000 years of migratory behavior. Those collaborative longings were not merely challenged, but rather,  entirely crowded out.  

–Around 15,000 years ago, migratory humans slowly became stationary humans.  Populations grew, enabled and accelerated by an agricultural awakening.

The first strategies of Control intruded upon the human experience.  While clinically “prudent” at the time, they were also a direct insult to collaborative human biology. 

–Acquisitive behavior was increasingly encouraged. Collaborative longings were increasingly crowded out. 

–A Hierarchy of Human Value formed, ushered in by meritocracy-based models. These models were the logical arrival place of acquisitive behaviors.    

–This evolutionary crossover event – collaborative longings colliding head-on with acquisitive self-interest – set humanity on a course to unchecked meritocracy, and the mathematically pre-ordained failure of all human cultures to come after this. 

–This inertia remains in place, with no visible outside force to alter it.

Enter, Noēsis.



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