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Evolutionary Timeline

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About this Video:

This video explains the basics of the human evolutionary timeline. Humans must understand the random events that combined to derail migratory human beings.

–Collaborative biology is baked into human DNA.  These longings were discouraged and defeated by a random evolutionary event. 

–Around 10,000 years ago, Migratory humans slowly became Stationary humans.  The migratory phase was over.  The event was enabled by an agricultural awakening.

-Class-based economic models appeared in acquisitive cultures.  These models are an insult to collaborative human biology. 

–Collaborative longings were increasingly crowded out.  Humans were now acting unnaturally. 

–Financial meritocracy created a Hierarchy of Human Value–“greater’ and “lesser” beings. The breakdownof human interaction was immediate and catastrophic.  They display precise mathematical patterns.

–This new inertia had no outside force to alter it.  Its demise was assured upon its birth.

Enter, Noēsis.  Human beings will understand mechanisms that place us into conflict.  We will overcome them.  We will deduce our oneness, or we will perish. 

Arbitrary resolution of these phenomena is impossible.



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