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The Human Injury

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What do we see all around us? What’s the central component of all our social and economic models today? If your answer isn’t perpetual conflict, you’re not alone. Humanity is strangely unaware of its own madness. Will today’s culture also fail like all others before it, by the churn of conflict? Well–it already has. This thing that we humans do over and over, if it were a fuel tank, is on dead empty.

I made a reasonable statement, and I will now repeat it. The mortality of the human species is now visible to all of us, and that sounds to me like failure. Call it painful. We know. Call it alarmist. No, it’s not. We’re not alarmists. We’re here to help.

Here’s why.

We raise our children to love and respect the world and those in it. We then send them into a meatgrinder of conflict, as if they don’t notice that. What could go wrong with that scenario, has gone wrong. The failure of this model pours out of our history books, and we start it all over again. Why? Because we were never once able to understand ourselves the way we can understand ourselves today. A roadmap that was never available to us has sprung to life only in the last 50 years. Hope and Remedy for Humanity is in the evolutionary timeline of our own species.

Let’s learn why we can’t evolve and by that process move toward a sustainable future.

Noesis isn’t here to describe human existential concerns. We’re not here to blame anyone. Because tell me–who accepts blame? Anyone you know? Noesis is here to explain it, to teach it, and to then gift a frightened Humanity with a chance to survive ITSELF.

We’ve all we’ve all heard this too. We’ll figure it out! Once humanity once is on the ropes, we’ll then evolve. No. Absent a process, we will not figure it out. That’s what all lost human cultures in the past failed to do. They didn’t understand themselves then, and we don’t understand ourselves…. now. What do I mean?

Since the dawn of life on this planet, 99.9% of all life forms that ever existed here…are now extinct. If you’re keeping score at home, that comes in at five billion species. Extinction on Earth is as common as breathing. During the time you’ve taken to watch this, one or two species just went extinct. Earth loses about 150 species a day to extinction. That’s why Carl Sagan said this:

“Extinction is the norm. Survival is the exception.”     –Carl Sagan

In 2021, we’ve already identified two million separate species here on Earth. There are thought to be at least twelve million species alive right now. We’ve to meet four of every five species on the planet. We don’t know how we got here, and we don’t know how we’re leaving. We’ll figure it out.

No, we won’t. We need help. We don’t even know where to start but that’s okay. Noesis does.

What supports the idea that humans are flatly unsustainable? I counter with this: What doesn’t support it? What destroys human cultures is all around us.

How did we miss this well-known killer – perpetual conflict? Why is it not on the list of existential concerns, like these others? I know why.

What failed systems admit their failure? We easily infer it by merely looking around. We humans depend upon conflict. The models that provably vanquished every culture in the last 10,000 years is at the center of everything we do. Again. What could go wrong?

About this Video:

This video introduces viewers to the “The Human Injury”. The term is quite literal. An evolutionary crossover event – when Collaboration yielded to Acquisition – sewed the first seeds of resentment into the human experience. The human heart and mind were emotionally INJURED by the unnatural realities that formed under systems of meritocracy.

For the first time, once-equal beings became either greater or lesser beings. The resulting dynamics were – and still are – invariably fatal.



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