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Modern humanity is accelerating past normalization, into ESCAPIST behavior.  The inability to manage extreme human behavior is DNA-based.  Migrating humans had no extremes to manage.  


The blue line on the left represents 2 million years of human evolution. Homo sapiens appeared 275,000 years ago, as shown.

Evolving humans quantified their concerns and solved their problems, at risk of death.  Modern humans in escape mode is not sustainable.

1. Escapism is unnatural for creatures born to quantify and to solve.  Human DNA has no evolutionary blueprint to manage extremes.   

2. Humans are placed into unnatural – and unsurvivable – conflict by two different realities.

Evolutionary Influence.  Modern humans misinterpret threats.  Misaligned responses are guaranteed.

–Self-interest replaced collaboration.  DNA-based insult.  Unnatural human behavior.

3. The place of origin for evolving humanity – the African confo Basin – was not yet known.  Unnatural human conflict was monetized.  Monetization of unnatural conflict committed all human empires to their demise.  

4. Pleasure-Seeking and Pain-Avoidance behaviors became more pronounced.  Humans sought pleasure and avoided pain, as unnatural hierarchies tumbled into chaos.  The collapse of all 40 empires was imminent long before it occurred, but these empires could not know their fate.


Misinterpreted threats are guaranteed for every modern human.  Sustainability efforts must KNOW the evolutionary triggers for all human behavior.  if not, we will remain captive to these invisible forces.

CONCLUSION:  Unchecked Escapism – Pleasure Seeking and Pain Avoidance – is Not Survivable.

Escapism will arrive at Surrender.  Surrender is an unofficial form of Commitment.  



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