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Post Injury Collapse

Stationary human empires collapsed with mathematical precision.  The constant formula of societal breakdown is seen here.

Unnatural hierarchies descend into failure, as they diminish other humans. 

Lesser beings in class-based economies felt resentment, which leads to vengeance, which leads to insurgency.  These unchecked models bottom out, suffer and die.  Human failure is a mathematically assured arrival point, fueled by unnatural behavior.  

RESULT: 40 Dead Human Empires.

CONCLUSION: Not Survivable.

The Human Injury is a DNA-based insult. The intrusion of unnatural hierarchies was the ignition point.  Monetized conflict resulted, because human origin had not yet been deduced.  

This modern-day inertia has no altering force.  In lieu of redirection, humans will not survive it.



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