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Post Injury Collapse

Stationary human empires have collapsed with precision over the last 10,000 years.  Situational analysis of human failure has no value.  The constant formula of societal collapse is seen here.

Unnatural hierarchies descend into failure, as they diminish other humans.  When the first economically “lesser” being appeared on Earth, the constant to assured collapse was ignited.  

It starts with resentment.  It proceeds to vengeance.  Vengeance plots and executes upon insurgency.  The breakdown bottoms out, suffers and dies.  Human failure is a mathematically assured arrival point, fueled by unnatural behavior.  

CONCLUSION: 40 Dead Human Empires.

Humans suffered a DNA-based insult – The Human Injury – by the intrusion of unnatural hierarchies (class-based meritocracy), with its monetized conflicts.  The inertia has no altering force.  We will not survive it.



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