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The Human Injury

The Human Injury!

  • Evolving human beings completed their migratory journey 10,000 years ago.  An agricultural awakening enabled human populations to grow. 

  • Beasts of burden were domesticated.  Dogs were domesticated to manage them. 

  • 50,000 generations of collaborative behavior was discouraged and slowly replaced by acquisitive self-interest. 

  • Larger populations used food supply control to manage populations.

  • The dawn of financial meritocracy saw humans act in a clinically unnatural fashion.  Stationary human cultures would go on to fail in predictable and precise fashion.  They were dead on their feet.  They could not know why.  Human origin had yet to be deduced.

  • “The Human Injury” is a DNA-BASED INSULT.  The failure of all human cultures after this, by models of unchecked meritocracy, was assured.



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