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The Human Injury

The Human Injury!

  • Evolving human beings completed their migratory journey 10,000 years ago. They settled into larger groups, enabled by an agricultural awakening. 

  • Beasts of burden were domesticated; dogs were domesticated to manage them. 

  • The earlier migratory journey baked 50,000 generations of collaborative behavior into human DNA.   

  • These longings were discouraged, then crowded out by acquisitive self-interest. 

  • Larger populations  were subjected to elements of control.  

  • The financial meritocracies to come unnatural; they were dead on their feet on Day 1.

  • Self-interest collided head-on with the human longing for “Collaboration”.

  • “The Human Injury” was born. DNA-BASED INSULT!  The failure of all human cultures after this, by models of unchecked meritocracy, was assured.



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