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Negative Information

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About this Video:

Human conflict is perpetual, and increasingly mindless by the day.  Modern humans in battle against our own plan for a future as if one exists for these unnatural models.

At the center of human conflict is a misinterpreted threat.  Migrating humans used bad news to plot survival strategies.

The predators we once encountered no longer exist.  The human fight or flight system never noticed  the absence of its enemies.

The brilliant disguises of negative information are everywhere:

  • Gossip has its roots in the churn of negative information.  
  • Nit-picking channels the evolutionary need to locate negative information. 
  • Humans have no natural enemies.  “Us vs. Them” is a clinical delusion.

This video explores the serial misinterpretation of threats.  The lone destination for evolutionary hallucinations is a graveyard called perpetual conflict.  Humans will not survive a phenomenon that it can now examine through the lens of undrstanding.



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