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Negative Information

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About this Video:

The particularly vicious nature of human interaction in the modern day is beyond troubling.  

There’s good news.  Humans are in fact acting naturally.  The accelerated brand of mindless conflict is merely a reinvention of the ancient search for negative information.

Here’s how it works:

  • Evolving humans lived in a harsher reality.  Our ancestors searched for negative information to survive 
  • The bearer of bad news (i.e. negative information) had more value in plotting survival strategies.  

How does it apply today? For the answer, simply look around.

  • “Gossip” is negative information gone rogue.  “Nit-picking” is negative information gone rogue.  See it differently now.

Are these the behaviors of a sustainable species?  No.  Let’s understand “negative information”, and only then retire it.



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