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Negative Information

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About this Video:

The accelerated brand of mindless human conflict is troubling.  As human anxiety accelerates, our armor thickens and our weapons sharpen. 

Are we falling apart?  No. We’re watching a logical development unfold.  The ancient search for negative information has awakened.  It’s here to protect us from what no longer exists.  Its mechanism is simple.

  • Evolving humans lived in a harsher reality.  Our ancestors searched for negative information to survive.
  • The bearer of bad news had value in plotting survival strategies, but the ancient enemies we once fought are long dead.

The brilliant disguises of negative information are many:

  • Gossip is negative information gone rogue. 
  • Nit-picking is negative information gone rogue.  
  • “Us v. Them” is an illusion.  There is no them.  It’s just us, all of us lost in the same woods.

Are these the behaviors of a sustainable species?  We can alter what we now understand.



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