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The Galileo Effect – Part 1

The Galileo Effect is a three-part series. Click on a video below to view the rest of the series.

The Galileo Effect – Part 1

The Galileo Effect – Part 2

The Galileo Effect – Part 3

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My name is Tony, and I’m the Founder of Noesis..  You see these words beside me—The Galileo Effect.  Everyone knows about Galileo.  Galileo’s name comes up in our science classes, at a very young age.  And it should.  Galileo made countless contributions.  Galileo is the father of modern science.  You can look it up/

Someone who contributed so much probably lived a life of luxury and fame, right?  Well, no.  Galileo spent his life pitting his scientific truth against agents of control that want nothing to do with truth.  Sound familiar??  And this was in the 1500’s.

Agents of control would win the battle, but not the war.  His “Heliocentric Theory” – the notion that the Earth was not the center of the heavens – is at the center of all scientific TRUTH today. 

Galileo was put on trial, he was imprisoned, he was tortured, he was starved.  On a good day, he was forced to recant his bold thinking in writing.  Let me shorten it up.  Galileo was targeted for ERASURE for the crime of Truth. 

But what do we know about TRUTH?  Truth is pesky thing, isn’t it!  Ignored TRUTH doesn’t disappear.  It waits—patiently, as long as it takes.  It will establish itself when it feels safe to do so.  Does that familiar story sound like one that will end well for we increasingly helpless modern humans?  I’m gonna say “NO”, and I think any viewer will agree.

But there’s more.  Lots more.  Punch up Part II.  Grab a beer first.  Noesis isn’t going anywhere.  We’re here to stay. 

See you soon.

About this Video:

The Galileo Effect – Part 1

3 Part Series

Galileo was not congratulated for his Truth. He was more correctly erased by forces of CONTROL. Galileo has since taken his place as, “The Father of Modern Science”. We modern human beings can now view ourselves safely, if we have the courage to look. We can reintegrate with our baser compulsions. With that in place, we will forgive ourselves for our weaknesses. We will then cherish our cosmic rarity. And finally, we will actively preserve ourselves. The human tendency to reject and destroy what it doesn’t understand is explored in this 3 part series.



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