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The Galileo Effect – Part 3

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The Galileo Effect – Part 1

The Galileo Effect – Part 2

The Galileo Effect – Part 3

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The components that form “The Human Condition” are right in front of us—if we’ll only look.  You see this folks?  It’s our evolutionary timeline.   50 years ago, this timeline was a matter of conjecture.  Today, the human journey on this Earth is now known in great detail.   Understand the gravity of this.

We don’t know it yet, but the evolutionary timeline of our species is the ONLY conduit to human sustainability.  Why?  Every single action that we take springs from a past reality.  It’s true for you, it’s true for me.  It’s true for our entire species.  Meanwhile, with the only true roadmap in front of us, we think that we’ll continue to hurtle forward, tumbling end over end, and that we’ll one day stumble upon a sustainable future.

Don’t underestimate the value of what we’re able to know.  We can now determine the evolutionary influences that drive all human interaction.  We can identify and isolate the threats that our ancient ancestors faced.  We can look through their eyes.   We can identify the threats that they encountered, and we can reach a paradigm-shifting conclusion.  Let me make it clear.  Is this thing on?  Those ancient threats aren’t here anymore.  We’re fighting enemies that exist only in our minds.  What could go wrong?

What else will we find in this timeline?  I have a better question.  What WON’t we find?  It’s all there.   The only light to the FUTURE, is that of the PAST. 

Noesis will lead the way in identifying the evolutionary triggers of everything under the sun.  If ancient messages are steering our actions, that would explain a lot, wouldn’t it.  WHY do humans tend to OVERREACT?  Here’s why.  We’re misinterpreting our environments.  See how simple?  What drives the human tendency to SHOOT FIRST?  That’s a cinch.  We’re misinterpreting what we see.  In fact, we MISINTERPRET essentially everything we see in front of us.  It occurs in areas of the brain not consciously available to us.  When we misinterpret threats, it breaks down from there.  The fight or flight system has no capacity to BARGAIN.  We pulverize it first, and ask questions later.  We think that forces of brutality from our past, will somehow lead us into a sustainable future?  At Noesis, we think not.

You heard what I said, but did you listen?  We’re stuck fast in a long-gone reality.  Let’s hover over that metaphor, the one where we’re stuck.  We’re grinding our gears, spinning our wheels, deepening our distress.  Where’s the tow truck that will relieve these deepening concerns—the ones we all feel.

Noesis submits itself for the job! 

Only a being that understands itself, one that can view itself as we now can, can plot its next point of arrival.  Humanity will never arrive into its future, not because we don’t want it, not because we don’t deserve it—but only because we lack the DATA.  Or, more correctly, we ONCE lacked the data.  What do we think we’re doing, planning a future?  We know nothing of our future.   We know everything about our PAST.

Let’s go there.  Let’s stay there.  Let’s LEARN about ourselves.  Let’s meet ourselves for the first time, and get to know who we are.  We can’t KNOW ourselves, because we’ve never MET ourselves.

All of that changes now.  Let’s harvest the data.  Oh, wait.  Noesis already did that.  We have a lot of work to do.  We won’t STUMBLE upon sustainability.  We will attain it by what we learn. 

About this Video:

The Galileo Effect – Part 3

3 Part Series

Galileo was not congratulated for his Truth. He was more correctly erased by forces of CONTROL. Galileo has since taken his place as, “The Father of Modern Science”. We modern human beings can now view ourselves safely, if we have the courage to look. We can reintegrate with our baser compulsions. With that in place, we will forgive ourselves for our weaknesses. We will then cherish our cosmic rarity. And finally, we will actively preserve ourselves. The human tendency to reject and destroy what it doesn’t understand is explored in this 3 part series.



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