Noēsis Video Series

A River That Leads To An Ocean

About this Video:

This video describes the immense diversity of available subject matters that await visitors and donor partners of Noēsis. The expansive nature of our mission, to actively redirect a frightened and confused Humanity away from the tragedy of “Commitment to Extinction”, requires unwavering intelligence. We describe the mathematics of all human dynamics, both the constants and the variables. Humans feel unsafe to VIEW themselves—Noēsis will change that. Cosmic Rarity is also a featured subject—Rare Earth, The Fermi Paradox, Drake’s Equation—much more. An intelligent mission must feature a lack of BLAME and JUDGMENT. Neither of these concepts have remedial utility, nor do either of them apply at Noēsis.

This completes the descriptions for videos filmed in 2019, each of which are intended to explain important ideas imparted in the original video. Please see another list of video explanations, under separate cover, that form the “Noēsis Video Series”.


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