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Is Noēsis Affiliated with the Quakers?

About this Video:

The early progressive thinking of Quakers is explored in this video, as an example of highly-evolved thought in the 1600’s.  

Citing the influence of progressive Quaker thought may imply that Noēsis is affiliated with the Quakers.  We are not affiliated with Quakers, nor are they with us.

By the late 1600s, the Quakers had reached evolved conclusions about the ONENESS of all human beings.  All students, whether black or white, were offered free education at the William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia.

Noēsis is greatly inspired by these progressive conclusions.  If these conclusions were possible 350 years ago, Noēsis contends that highly advanced thinking is available now to a human species that must now evolve, or perish by its inaction.

We admire and salute Quaker thought.  We are not direcly affiliated with the Quakers, nor are they with Noēsis.



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