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Restoring The Magic

Hi, thanks you for watching.  My name is Tony Wall, and I’m the Founder of “Noesis”.  I want to first sincerely thank all of you for your interest in this group.  We need you as members and donors, in order to accomplish our Mission.

To that end, we urge our members and donors to know as much as possible about what we have planned here at Noesis.  Your COMFORT is key to our success, because we all move away from what makes us uncomfortable. The more you know, the better, because then, you’ll want to stick around for all the right reasons.  This project relies ONLY on that which can be shown to be true, or that which stands to Reason

Noesis is, and must remain, a grounded and sincere mission that knows not only what’s do-able, but equally, what’s not do-able.

In the last 200 years, human beings have grown way smarter, but more than that, humans are now way safer than we ever were.  As we evolved, over hundreds of thousands of years, our environments were certainly a harsher reality than they are today.  So, with us now much safer than ever, no one seems to have alerted the baser areas of our brains.  At levels not consciously available to us, we still think that we’re fighting battles that are way greater in scope than they actually are.  These primitive mechanisms activate 10 times faster than our thinking brains.  They had to!  In the early stages of human evolution, DANGER had a bad habit of popping up instantly.  To counter them, Nature gifted us the needed tools to ensure our Survival.  Those forces of defense still burn brightly inside of –they’re very much a part of us. 

In tracing, identifying and describing these outdated mechanisms, we have no intention to DISMISS these overzealous forces inside of us.  Believe me, they’re not going anywhere.  They’ll fight hard to stay a part of us, and here’s something that might surprise you.  If we attempt to evict these unresolved forces, they’ll handily win that battle.  With a few hundred thousand years to establish themselves, they’re WAY stronger than any decision we make to dismiss them. 

I have a much better idea, one that’s do-able.  Far from evicting them, let’s make friends with them, and by extension, with ourselves.

I mention in the introductory video, “We’ll work to restore the MAGIC that we’ve lost, STOLEN by these multiple, misunderstood, evolutionary defaults of protection.” 

What is, “The Magic”? 

I want to ask you first not to overthink this one.  It’s very straight-forward.  “The Magic” refers to anything whatsoever under the Sun that can no longer do what it was MEANT to do.  And more than that, “The Magic” is that which is not just missing or disabled, but it’s missing for a TRACEABLE and KNOWABLE reason.

Now, hang with me here, because I tend to think and communicate in metaphors and analogies.  I try to keep them simple.  Why?  Because I think that there’s elegance in simplicity.

In keeping it simple, let’s imagine that we’re driving down the road in a new car.  We’re feeling great.  Everything is in its proper place.  Your homework is all done, or perhaps that project at work is all ready to go.  And, of course, our car has that new-car smell—we can all relate to this.  In the scenario that I describe, what could go wrong?

But then, suddenly, something DOES go wrong.  Specifically, we get a flat tire.  It happens, right?  With our tire suddenly flat, what are our options?  They’re limited.  We’re forced to pull over to the side of the road. 

How do you feel now?  I mean, 5 minutes ago, that car was part of your overall sense of bliss.  But quite suddenly, that very same car is the reason why your life is on hold.  Your life has fundamentally changed.  You must now suffer the many inconveniences associated with fixing a flat tire.

Guess what!  That car has lost its magic.  It can no longer DO what it was MEANT to do.  You will later find out WHY the magic is lost. Was it a pothole, a nail?  Later, the actual reason for your flat tire will be revealed by a process of TRACING, IDENTIFYING, INTERVENING and REMEDYING the reason your tire is flat.

The good news is that the tire is fixable.  The bad news is that the tire will not fix ITSELF.  It awaits your actions.  Until it’s fixed, it matters little whether the car is a Ford Echo, or a powerful Ferrari.  With a flat tire, none of those vehicles is going ANYWHERE, without the remedial process I describe.   Each of them will sit at the side of the road – now useless – pending outside influence.

You’re now thinking, “I understand the analogy, but it’s way too simplistic”.  But is it??  In many matters, we humans assign complexity to what is so simple!  Here it is: Humanity has lost its MAGIC, for traceable and knowable reasons.   Through the fault of NO ONE, we’ve been redirected over thousands of years into a system that is technically foreign to what we’re MEANT to do.  You’ll learn plenty more about that, so stick around.  Humanity has sustained a flat tire, and it manifests today as that vague feeling that, suddenly, things are not quite right.  We suddenly wonder, “What is all this for?  Where is all this going”?  We all feel a sense of growing UNEASE, don’t we?  That’s not an alarmist point of view.  It happens to be a very grounded and reasonable way to describe it.

The human flat tire is fixable, because we possess the tools RIGHT NOW that enable us to trace how we got here.  At Noesis, we won’t really be breaking new ground.  What we WILL be doing is inducing our members to view things in ways to which they’re not accustomed.  In fact, I hear that a lot.  “Tony, I’ve never heard it explained quite that way.”

Let’s go back to our car, the one with the flat tire.  It sits on a lonely road.  And another reality is also setting in.  It’s getting a bit darker outside.  We’re running out of time.   NOW might be a good time to fix the flat, to restore the MAGIC.  It will reset itself by the forward-thinking, remedial actions that we take here at Noesis.

Let’s get busy TRACING why Humanity suddenly feels a gathering sense of what I call “Freefall”.  Some people ask what I mean by “Freefall”.  Do I really need to explain it?  You KNOW what “Freefall” is, and we all vaguely feel it.  Freefall has all of us noticing a vaguely regressive reality for ALL HUMANS, curtesy of a trajectory that may not be ultimately survivable. 

The tone here at Noesis is and will remain HOPEFUL and REMEDIAL.  Our mission is to enable Human Survival, and we trust the conclusions we make, because they’re based only on what we can SHOW to be true.  That by itself will hopefully keep you here with us. 

The more you know, the better.  Thank you.

About this Video:

“Humanity has lost its Magic”. What does this mean?

Anything that can no longer do what it was MEANT to do, has lost its magic.  By example, if a car sustains a flat tire, it can no longer function. The car has lost its magic, pending restorative actions. The analogy will be called simplistic. Noēsis counters that it’s rather precise

Humanity lost its magic when collaborative human longings were crowded out by the self-interest of acquisitive behavior, beginning around 10,000 years ago,

The restoral of our magic will not arise through changing acquisitive behavior, but rather, in realigning our decisions within the same models.  What emerges – over the slow march of time – can and must arrest and reverse human degradation. 



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